For those culture lovers and architecture fans out there, Tetouan is one of the atmospheric cities with a lovely medina, which is its major sightseeing attraction. Situated amid the start of the beautiful Rif Mountain region of Morocco, Tetouan is an excellent base for those avid nature lovers who want to set out and discover the pristine surrounding hill country.

A simple day tour will stay in Tetouan is to the Rif village of Chefchaouen, wherein the ancient town buildings are all painted in colors of blue. Wonderfully photogenic, the bright and colorful streets there must be high on your list of the things to do while you are within the area.

Following is your Tetouan travel guide you should never miss!

Visit the history-rich Archaeological Museum

The exhibits of this museum include the excellent Roman mosaic of the great “The Three Graces,” exhumed across northern Morocco, which includes coins, pottery, bronzes, and prehistoric tools. Further, this museum houses a library with over 60,000 volumes intended to the preservation of North African literature.

Ethnography Museum

Inside the fort walls of Sultan Moulay Abderrahman, is Tetouan’s exciting Ethnography Museum. Founded in 1948, this place is an amazing place for its organized displays of local customs, starting from marriage ceremonies to day-to-day life. This museum is made inside the actual gate of the ramparts, and one can climb up on the roof to take some photos of the Tetouan travel guide.

Souk District

If you’re looking for something new on your trip to Tetouan, the medina’s souk district is a great place to shop and grab snacks from the countless stalls and get involved in the bustling local souk. In case you didn’t know yet, El Fouki Market is the place where the locals go to purchase their bread. You will find loaves here in all sizes and shapes fresh from the oven, which includes round loves and traditional flat loaves

On the other hand, the El Hot Market is where you will find lovely ceramic works and handcrafted jewelry by goldsmiths. Guersa El Kebira is the place where textile and clothing traders set up shop, along with wonderful local textiles to purchase. For shoppers searching for a special gift for their loved ones, the Souk District shouldn’t be missed in their Tetouan travel guide.


If you are going to take only a one-day journey from Tetouan, make sure to make it to Chefchaouen, acknowledge for being one of the picturesque towns of Morocco. This is a holy town with 20 sanctuaries and mosques, where hundreds and thousands of the faithful join in an annual pilgrimage.

The white and blue-washed houses in Chefchaouen in the medina are fantastic in its sheer beauty and even the numbers of tourists exploring it can’t break the magical spell of this town.

Therefore, if you are one of those persons who plan to visit Tetouan, make sure to have these places in your Tetouan travel guide for a wonderful and memorable experience in this rich and amazing city.

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