Traveling with children to the Sahara Desert guarantees spicy, exotic and unique experience that your little ones will never forget. It is the land of flying carpets, Ali Baba and his thieves, Aladdin’s lamp and many other mystic stories. Traveling with children in Morocco is a perfect vacation for your family. Upon arrival to Morocco, all these stories and fantasies will become true to you and to your children.

Sahara has different kinds of landforms. Some parts of this desert are stony steppers, oases, mountains and sand dunes. Sand dunes are mountains made of sand. It usually has a height of 600 feet. These are found in shifting sand areas. The shifting sand areas are called ergs. Both the dunes and sand sheets are 25% of Sahara desert. The heights of pyramidal dunes are 150 meters while the mountain san ridges are 350 meters. Sandstorms are also common in the place.

Sahara’s soils are biologically inactive since they are low in organic matter. The animals present in Sahara desert are usually wild animals such as hyenas, foxes and a lot more. Despite the desert surroundings of Sahara, there are still towns and villages in the place. The margins of Sahara have more rainfall. This is why greater vegetation is found in these areas than the central area. Scarce rainfall also falls in any season but they come in irregular way. If there are no rain that comes on many years, the whole place suffer intense storm by the time the rain comes. There are areas in Sahara desert that has oases from underground aquifers. There are also that lacks water reserves.

During the time of immemorial desert, people were able to tame the Sahara desert. They were able to make miracle of irrigation in the streams. The oases then flourished with the kind of vegetables in lowest level. There are also fruits like oranges that flourished in the place. On your Morocco tour travel through the Sahara Desert atop your camel just as the old caravans did. You have a great chance to spend the night in the tent in the camp of the desert that is a true adventure not only to your children but to the adults as well. The Sahara Desert can be the best destination from all the deserts.  It offers the best sunset view that one could ever experience in his lifetime.

The trip to Sahara Desert is well worth it if only to witness this spectacular view. This attracts visitors because this brings more cherished memories on a beautiful desert. Sahara Desert turns reddish during sunset. Trips to Sahara Desert are what childhood should be about. Sahara Desert tour will introduce your children to another culture. It will broaden their horizons that are thousand times better than just shaking hands with Goofy at Disneyland.