Morocco is one of the most popular places to visit in the world. If you are planning to be there for a vacation, you may wonder when you should fly and go there. You cannot expect that all of the days in the calendar will be perfect timing to visit Morocco.

The climate is constantly changing and if you will base your decision by this, during the midsummer period, it would be best to visit the desert routes or the south of Morocco. The months of July and August are the hottest periods in Morocco and could be perfect time to enjoy the shore while you can go to the mountains anytime you want.

Best Time to Visit Morocco – By Month

The best time to visit Morocco when you want to trek is between the months of March and November. But, whilst there’s no snow in the Anti-Atlas, you could still have fun in climbing the mountains from the month of December to February with hot sunny mornings but with cold evenings. If you could manage trekking while under the extreme heat, you can go there during July or August.

When your objective is sunning yourself then you can choose to be in Morocco during the winter season wherein it becomes rainy in the Atlantic coast, particularly around Casablanca. The further you go, the better it will be. If you want to witness some desert dust storms, you can choose to get there between February & April.

It will be very hot in the desert when you visit Morocco any time from June to September. So if you really want to explore the desert properly, the best time to be there will be out these months. The best time to be there will be from the month of April and May. Temperatures may drop by 20 degrees Celsius within the desert between the day and the evening. So, you should be wary of it and then check the temperatures ahead. You need to be ready with a sleeping bag when you’re camping.

Temperatures in Sahara are just baking in August so you must stay clear. But, they can be 15 degrees Celsius in Essaouira on the coast in July & August. Some people do not visit Morocco throughout the Ramadan, wherein some businesses pauses their operation for a while. But, in case of the major tourist spots, most stay open and the nights become alive while people are coming out to eat and enjoy. They also witness this very important event which seems a big honor for most non-Muslim visitors.

The Majorelle Gardens located in Marrakech are the favorite place of most visitors except if there are many bus tours. So, you should be there early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The best time to visit Todra Gorge is at the start of the day as it’s illuminated with the rays of the sun. You will surely love the scenery.

If skiing is what you really want to do then you should be there during the mid-January up to mid-February. You can also try winter walking.