Planning to travel this 2017 without an idea where to go? Why not take Skoura into account. Though it is not a well-known travel destination, it is a place anyone should visit. As a matter of fact, it can compete with other famous travel destinations across the globe. It really takes pride in its number of attractions, historical landmarks, and much more.

Here is the list of some things to do in Skoura:


Unesco-protected palmeraie and mudbrick Kasbahs remain the defining features of the place. Palmerie earns 1000 palms. Under the green canopy, you will be able to witness a 15-mile patchwork of garden plots. They are watered by canals, levers, as well as locks. There are 100 bird species you can find in the place. You can explore palmerie thru bicycle. But, if you prefer to walk, you can do so. When it comes to lodging, worry no more as there is a pise guesthouse you can stay overnight.

Kasbah Amridil

During the 17th century, Kasbah is the most coveted wonder in different parts of the world. It appears on 50-dirham note of the place. From the main road, it is a few hundred meters away. You can see there the traditional Kasbah life. It has a hand-carved door, an olive-oil press, bread ovens, stalls, locks, and much more. For sure, you will go home with a travel experience you will always cherish.

Skoura Cultural Center

At Skoura Cultural Centre, an enterprising Non-Government Organization showcases the local ingenuity. This is where Skoura residents sell a range of items made with quality palm fronds. The materials are sustainably harvested to safeguard trees. When you admire the majestic palmeraie, you will be quite amazed with the sun hats, mats, glass-lined lanterns, and bread baskets from the center. Every purchase supports the preservation of the center’s palm.

Muse Theatre Memoire de Ouarzazate

Aside from that, never forget to go to Muse Theatre Memoire de Ouarzazate. It is a wonderful place that can guarantee a perfect cultural experience. You will learn more information about Kasbahs, water irrigation system in the palmerie, and mountains. When it comes to its landscape and architecture, they are spectacular. You will not only acquire a valuable insight but also have a sense of fulfillment.

Whether you want to travel in order to unwind or learn, Skoura has Muse Theatre Memoire de Ouarzazate for you. At the end of the day, it can make your goals come to reality. In addition, achieving a holistic journey will be possible.

When you have visited a wide array of countries across the world, there is a place you should visit this 2017. This is Skoura. It has a lot of things to do. You will be able to visit palmeraie, which is an amazing green canopy. There are also Kasbah Amridil and Skoura Cultural Center that can make your entire travel incredible. You will be quite amazed on the different attractions in the place. Include it now on your bucket list. Thus, your travel this year will be engaging as well as interesting.

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