Tinejdad, a city of Errachidia Province, Draa-Tafilalet, Morocco has a population of 43, 999 according to census 2014. “Morocco is the richness of the desert” to be called have great things to see and discover about.

Tourist Spots and Destination in Tinejdad

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One of the tourist attractions prominent in Tinejdad is Musee Lalla Mimouna.

Musee Lalla Mimouna was built in a mud-like infrastructure based on its brown color and designed based on old wells in desert with such kind of attributes in life from desert. This is a museum open for public and foreigners. It has a bulk collection of handicrafts, arts and household items from the ideas and construction of Mr. Zaid Abbou – an artist and the one who invested his time, energy and work with his heart and values.

Mr. Zaid always show hospitality and knowledge to those who gladly come and visit the museum. This ecological and spiritual monument to one’s eye who loves art will truly understand that there is no other place than Musee Lalla Mimouna. In other words, this is a great place to be.

This museum doesn’t look much but this is an absolutely good to visit. A cultural experience will leave a visitor not just memories but a knowledge. Through the impressive collection of Moroccan culture, one of the things that is another worth appreciated is the hospitality and the devoted time Mr. Zaid spent in building this unique heritage. His mission is to safeguard Morocco’s museum throughout the years.

The oasis museum

Walking through the aisle of this nicely presented and well organized museum if going to Tinejdad will be the next plan. In affordable price, a visitor may feel the real meaning of life of Moroccan origins, people and kind of living. Anyone would met the overall understanding of the ancient people from the region. This oasis museum has information displayed plaques written in English about explanations of the building materials of this museum.

This museum wasn’t a big according to foreigners who once visited the place, ‘don’t be fooled by the size’. Oasis isn’t a big one but has the assurance of neatness of sorted arts. Here, the visitor will learn about the culture of Berber and Morocco from the ancient times that wasn’t yet mentioned anywhere else.

People describe the museum as fun, interesting and authentic. Going on Oasis museum is expected but the great experience is unexpected. It wasn’t huge like any else but it was restored very well and a cool place to go. Aside from interesting items that displayed on walls, there was also a pretty terrace cafe made that was attached surrounded by nice palmerie and roses.

This is a place with a great value will made a tourist felt the overall adventure inside. The artefacts related to the Berber history and the insights to the ancient times in Tinejdad. Those were clearly labeled to fully determine and remember the item. An hour or two will be well spent for the visit. Lastly, this museum provides a welcoming array from the sun.

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