If you like to have a great vacation this holiday season, it would be best if you make up your mind on the purpose of your trip. Once you have a clear idea on what you like to do during your vacation, it will make it a lot easier for you to decide the destination. Considering that we now have so many tourist destinations in our bucket, choosing one of them could be very troubling when you have no idea of what to do this holiday season. If you like to spend most of your vacation for diving activities, make sure that you make Great Blue Hole in Belize as your main destination. The natural environment of this popular tourist site will simply captivate your mind.

What Makes Great Blue Hole Perfect for Your Diving Activities

Belize is well known for its rich cultural history and a wide variety of natural beauties. The fact that Belize is strategically situated along the eastern coast of Central America has made it a perfect location for your diving activities. It simply offers plenty of spectacular sites for diving. This is where the great Mayan ruins are located. Since you come to Belize for spectacular diving experience, you might as well pass the chance to explore the Mayan ruins on the mainland and shift your full focus on the great diving challenges from the Great Blue Hole.

Innumerable divers with great experiences have found a great time visiting this Blue Hole. They simply enjoy the challenge of adventure dices in this site. The Blue Holes are believed to formed during the last Ice Age. At that extremely chilling age, the levels of the sea were much lower that what you see today. The blue hole itself is a natural cave or sinkhole with a steep drop. This vertical cave is rich in dark color that shows the extreme depth of the hole. The darker the water becomes means that you are diving into much deeper site.

The climate is Belize is quite supporting for your diving activities in the Great Blue Hole. The temperature of this area is more likely to stay the same all year round including in winter season. Every visitor of this incredible diving site will be provided with wonderful diving opportunities of course. Despite the fact that most visitors come to this location to exclusively enjoy a number of magnificent dive sites, Belize is also home to tourist activities on land. In addition to the ancient Mayan temples, you might want to visit the Belize zoo.

Apparently, there are many other blue holes in this world. However, you can only find the most stunning blue hole on the planet in Belize. The Great Blue Hole is situated near the Lighthouse reef. With more than a thousand feet of width and about 480 feet of depth, this Belize’s blue hole is a diving paradise. Thus, if you dream to have a totally beautiful and extreme diving experience, there is no other place you need to visit than the Great Blue Hole.

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