Agadir is one of the popular areas in Morocco that is primary holiday destination. This city is considered as the golden sandy with more than nine kilometers wide of bay at the Atlantic coast. It can offer you the powder soft sands with very translucent blue waters that earn its Blue Flag status. Aside from this, you will find here different high rising hotels, cafes, parkland and many more modern facilities. You will get attracted to its charm and this place will allow you to have a good spot for all of your holiday trips.

The place of Agadir is the perfect place for your relaxation holiday. It can provide you the best features of gorgeous and sandy beaches and best setting to enjoy the sunshine and sea. Thus, there are lots of resort options for you to choose from and enjoy different kinds of water sports and different kinds of seaside activities. In this amazing and impressive paradise, you can enjoy the brilliant waves and perform surfing and jet skis.

There is also fishing village found at Head of Taghazout which is one of the best spots if you want to catch for some wave. Aside from this, the outstanding coastline of Agadir that sits between Sahara Dessert and Atlas Mountains, there are lots of fun activities that will surely thrill you. Among of these are quad biking and jeep safaris. Likewise, some of the tourist here loves to visit and hike while others consider visiting there museums such as the Le Musse des Arts Berbere.

Since Agadir can provide you the modern life in Morocco, you can still see their traditional aspect and culture. Another thing that can impress its tourist is their delicious seafood and at the same times their great accomplishments from their agriculture.

Beside with lots of interesting sights in Agadir, this wonderful city can also offer you enjoyable outskirts. There are many Taroudant who can offer you some holiday makers of traditional glimpse of Morocco and sell jewelry, rugs, pots, clothing’s, dried fruits and spices. As you try to have a trip to this city, you will have assurance that you will experience and discover lots of things that you can be proud of.

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