This African city has turned out to be a very popular hotspot to many European travelers. The fact that reaching the city of Tangier from European countries like Spain is very easy has increased the popularity of this Moroccan destination among many travelers from European mainland. A quick ferry from Tarifa or Barcelona will get you there in less than an hour. Visiting this place for a single day trip can be an option, but you surely cannot avoid the hustles. Considering that Tangier is filled with many interesting hotspots for tourists, it would be great if you come to this Moroccan city with a few days available in your tight schedule.

Places to Visit in Tangier
Unlike many other tourist destinations in Morocco, you can find a perfect blend of different influences from Africa and Europe. Nevertheless, this place is still a Moroccan traditional city divided into the medina ( the old side of the city) and the Ville Nouvelle as its modern part. Tangier is a port city in Morocco, thus, you shall have no difficulty in finding a number of brothels, tea-houses and shopping centers. Those interesting spots are all over every corner of the Tangier’s medina. They have made this place pretty lively of course.

If it is the first time for you to visit the old-walled town in Tangier, you might be very surprised to see a chaotic traffic involving vehicles and people at the Grand Socco. This place is a large square and a very busy transport hub at the main entrance.

After a pleasant experience at the medina of this city, you go on with your Moroccan tour and visit another historical site in the area called the American Legation. This place turns out to be a museum that you can find in the southwest corner of the old town of Tangier. This museum offers a historical experience to every visitor. When you have a chance to visit this museum, make sure that you a room dedicated to Paul Bowles. Carefully designed by Yves Saint Laurent, Eugene Delacroix and James McBeay, this room is filled with fascinating pieces of art.

The Ville Nouvelle or the modern part of Tangier also promises an excellent tourist experience. Place de France is known as the social focal point for the Tangier residents in the middle class. This place is the heart of the Ville Nouvelle and it turns out to be a great spot for you to enjoy the breathtaking view of the ocean accompanied by a cup of tea. While you are at this tourist hotspot, be sure to head east and visit the Terrasse des Paresseux.

The location of Tangier is pretty close to the coastline, it allows to feast your eyes with the stunning views of the ocean and enjoy your most favorite beach activities. If you wonder about the best spot where you can enjoy the excellent oceanic views, you are most invited to the Kasbah. Being located on a high hill in Tangier, it offers a great chance for you to see and relish the views of the horizon. The Kasbah offers more than a great spot for oceanic sightseeing. Once you enter the walls of Kasbah, you can continue your historical journey to the old Sultan’s palace known as Dar El Makhzen. This palace was built in the 17th century and it has been transformed into a Moroccan museum that saves plenty of excellent artworks.

If you come to Tangier in a summer month and wish to enjoy a beach vacation, you might as well pick up a further location from the town. The further you go, the better beach you can enjoy.

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