What should I wear when traveling to Morocco? We often hear this question from our customers who are concerned about it. Actually, you don’t have to worry too much about it, as long as you have a good jacket for cool nights, sturdy walking shoes, a long-sleeved t-shirt, sunscreen, and an ecological bag for the small things because plastic is banned on the Moroccan souks. If you are taking certain medications make sure you have enough for your trip. Sunglasses and a cap against the sun are also essential, the rest is a bit of a mix. In this post, you will find everything you need to know about the perfect Morocco packing list for women.

Now that you’ve decided to see Morocco for yourself, congratulations are in order. Your trip to Morocco will be the trip of a lifetime. Get ready to be blown away! But if your trip is going to be everything you want it to be, you need to plan accordingly. Especially where it concerns what to wear in Morocco.

You need to sort out what you’re wearing and what you’ll be needing in Morocco long before you travel so you’re assured of the best time possible. Don’t know exactly how to go about it? That’s why we’re here. Here is a brief guide to what to wear as a woman in Morocco.

What’s the point of having a packing list?

It’s legitimate to wonder why you need a packing list. After all, you should be able to throw any combination of your favorite clothes into your traveling bags and have done with it. But there are many reasons why that would be a bad idea. Here are the top 5.

The culture

Moroccan culture is very different from western culture. The people are generally conservative compared to the relatively liberal base of Western culture. So from where you come from you may have to adapt a bit.

It is best to be mindful of their culture as what you wear will have a big impact on your experience in Morocco and how Moroccans treat you. You must remain culturally respectful by covering your shoulders and knees when visiting a mosque.

You can actually wear anything you want, especially in the big tourist cities, as long as you don’t sunbathe topless. When you go to small villages it’s different, there are certain things you should pay attention to. Walking around with bare legs is something that is not recommended. Some people can quickly find this very offensive. But long pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt make all the difference. In hiking areas, it is normally no problem to just walk in shorts and a t-shirt.

The traditional costume in Morocco is called Djellaba, but today the younger generation no longer wears them. There is also a dress called Kaftan that Moroccans wear during weddings. Usually, these can be worn with flat slippers made of leather called Balgha, but during weddings, women wear Takchitas or Kaftans with heels.

The religion

Morocco is a tolerant Islamic country. The vast majority of Moroccans identify as Muslim. As a predominantly Muslim nation, a large part of social interaction is thus determined by the precepts of religion. You are not required to cover completely, no one will force you not even to wear a headscarf, but it is better that you bring a scarf especially if you want to visit the Islamic historical sites.

On the tourist trail, you really don’t have to worry much about what you’re wearing, as it’s a mishmash. Also in Morocco, almost everyone wears fashionable clothes. We have been working in this sector for years and we have never had any problems with the dress code.

The environment

Morocco is generally quite warm and dry. Your choice of clothing should therefore reflect the general weather and environment of Morocco.

Heavy clothing should not be on your list except a jacket or windbreaker for cold nights and the winter season. In general, light clothing is sufficient. You will hardly go wrong. Your clothes should be soft enough to feel light and loose enough so that you don’t feel the heat. We recommend layered clothing in the winter.

Your activities

What you will be doing in Morocco is also a consideration that determines what to pack. Are you planning a day or two of walking through the desert? It is wise to bring sufficient hiking equipment to ensure your comfort.

If you are also planning to visit the Atlas Mountains or the Todgha Gorge, you should pack well, especially if you plan on doing some serious climbing. We recommend layered clothing for both the desert and the mountainous regions.

Your comfort and style

Even with all these utilitarian considerations, you can still pack for style and comfort. You may need to cover certain parts of your body in some places to avoid unwanted attention, for example in the busy souk, so choose an outfit that fits you well and still looks good.

If you start planning early enough, you’ll be sure to find the perfect outfits for your trip that will make sure you look in style every day while keeping all utilitarian considerations in mind.

A guide to what to wear in Morocco

Now that we’re clear on why you should have your packing list all sorted out, let’s dig into what to wear in Morocco.

Loose-fitting clothes

Loose clothes are the best choice to wear and still feel comfortable and stylish. Fortunately, wide-leg pants, jumpsuits, and maxi dresses are all trending, so you don’t have to worry about looking stylish.

When shopping for clothes, look for items that hit above your ankle so you don’t have to worry about your hemline. Morocco can be quite dusty and you may have to wade through a few puddles.

Stick to fabrics like linen and cotton, as these are generally loose-fitting and breathable, helping you stay cool in the blistering heat. You can try on some local clothes such as kaftans or a jellaba. For the best shopping experience in Marrakech, we recommend that you visit this page: Shopping in Morocco.


You’ll notice a lot of people wearing scarves in most pictures you’ll see of Morocco. It should also be one of the first things on your packing list. Scarves are great protection from the sun for your head and shoulders during the day. They’ll also keep you warm at night.

Whatever you’re wearing, a lightweight scarf will serve as a great compliment and you can also use it to cover up before going into a mosque. Moroccan scarves are also pretty and you’ll find them pretty much everywhere you go.

So you don’t have to bring your own scarf if you don’t want to.

Comfortable shoes

There is always a place to walk in Morocco. There are days when you might be on your feet for several hours, so don’t forget to bring comfortable and stylish walking shoes.

You don’t need a boxful of footwear either. A pair of sandals will serve you very well for casual stuff like dinners or pool lounging and a pair of sturdy walking shoes will be enough for your city walk.

Hiking attire

If you’re planning to see the natural beauty of the desert and Atlas Mountains (and you definitely should), you’ll need to pack some appropriate hiking clothes.

A pair of quick-dry pants, an athletic tank top, and an outer layer on top will leave you cool and free enough to enjoy your hike. If you’re doing intense trekking, you could consider bringing a pair of packable hiking boots as well as a day pack.

Floppy Hat

On those days that a scarf just doesn’t cut it, floppy hats can be your help. They’re easy to pack and retain their shape even after having been folded.


That’s really important! provide adequate medication. You cannot get the prescribed medicines everywhere in Morocco. It is also advisable to bring medication for motion sickness and traveler’s diarrhea. In addition to medication, the validity date of your passport is also important, so keep in mind the expiry date of your passport, it must be valid for at least 6 months.

Packing list per season

The coldest months of the year in Morocco are from December to February, when it gets chilly. So there is a chance for you to see snow on the top of the Atlas mountains.

If you’re wondering the best time to go, choose spring when it’s already warmed up a bit but hasn’t reached the summer highs or fall when most of the heat has passed. Keep in mind that Morocco has a dry climate, there is a good chance that the temperature will drop all year round after sunset.


If you travel to Morocco in winter, you should bring closed-toe shoes, a jacket, socks, and a wool cap. Make sure to bring a windbreaker if you’re heading to the coast, while if you’re planning on camping, your own sleeping bag is ideal.


You still have the freedom to pack a windbreaker or jacket, even in spring or fall, but make sure the clothes you bring can keep you cool during the day and warm at night. You can choose to wear a long skirt or loose pants and breathable t-shirts.


Morocco is too hot in summer, make sure to bring light clothes. You should bring clothes that will keep you cool effectively and a light jacket for the night. So it is very important that you bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a cap to protect your face from the sun. It is important to stay hydrated the entire time. Dehydration can quickly sneak up on you, so it’s best to always have a filled water bottle on hand.

Additional Morocco packing list for women

Apart from your clothes, there are other important items that need to make it into your packing list.


It is best to pack from home what works for you and make sure to have enough quantity. You don’t want to go looking for that soap that’s best for you. Also, bring refreshing facial wipes for the heat.

Sunscreen and sunglasses

No matter what season it is in Morocco, you’ll always need sun protection. A pair of sunglasses will keep the glare out of your eyes and also help you turn out classy and sunscreen is a must.

Small cross-shoulder bag

Invest in a cross-shoulder bag, especially an anti-theft bag. It’ll be useful for those days when you feel like wandering around the medinas with your hands-free to sample all the interesting things you’re sure to come across.


Once you have your packing list sorted, you are ready for your trip to Morocco. Remember that it is important to find a balance between what you like to wear and what suits Moroccan society.

If you have any questions about what’s right for your Morocco trip, drop us an email. We are happy to help you with your packing list.

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