Morocco has a very rich history dating back to the Paleolithic times sometimes between 190,000 and 90,000 BC. For this reason, the country is one of the best places worldwide with some amazing shops to buy and collect souvenirs which can be a great way of preserving memories after visiting Morocco. Souvenirs in Morocco range from rugs, clothing, lamps, baskets and so much more. The prices vary widely depending on the region you are visiting as there are different regions and cities producing specific goods. However, one of the best cities to buy high-quality souvenirs is Marrakech with a busy local artisan community coupled with workshops dispersed throughout the medina with artisans bringing their artistries to life using traditional techniques and tools. We are going to go through the best souvenirs, their prices and where to find them in Morocco.

Argan Oil

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Argan oil is native to Morocco being grown in southern regions of the country. Argan oil is extracted from roasted seeds and has both cosmetic and culinary value, therefore you must specify the one you really want. It is great for healing, cooking and eating rich in linoleic acid and Vitamin E which have sun-protective, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. In cosmetics, Argan shampoo is perfect for maintaining, styling and glossing hair especially dreadlocks. Additionally, Argan hand lotion can be used as a sun-screen as the oil has sun-screen properties. The best places to purchase are Agadir, Essaouira, Marrakech and other villages. The prices range between 50-75dh but fluctuate depending on the crop yield that year. It is important to purchase high-quality Argan oil and can be identified through its thickness, a golden yellow color with a unique smell.


Moroccan leather is still very ancient maintaining its high quality as the technique for production has never been changed for almost hundred years. There are several qualities of leather ranging tanned from diverse types of animal skins such as sheep, camel, cow, and goat. The is used to make different products including leather bags, slippers, belts, jackets, wallets and poufs to cover books and the prices of the products depend on the artisanship and the type of leather. The best location to purchase leather or its ready-made products include Rissani, Marrakech, and Fez. The prices depend on the product, a small to a medium bag is 450dh, a leather slipper starts at 50dh, leather jackets from 800dh-2500dh and so on. Also, the leather products can be customized depending on your preferences.


Moroccan clothing is very colorful and unique ranging tastefully designed dresses to basic djellabas. Women visitors can purchase linen dresses with tunic tops while men can acquire traditional woven hats or custom-made shorts and shirts with African imprints depending on their sense of fashion. Brightly colored clothes should be washed separately as they may fade releasing the dye to other clothes. The best place to purchase the best clothing is Marrakech in the open-air markets or any other region that you may find nice clothes. The prices are very affordable: simple kaftans range from 50-100dh, shirts for 100dh, and Takeshita dresses range from 1500-15,000 Dh.


A Moroccan lamp is one of the best souvenirs to take home and it will definitely hold great memories of your experience in the country. The lamps are stylishly designed and handmade from metals such as aluminum and glass. The lamps vary in weight, size, and materials with the lightweight lanterns being the most affordable. The best lanterns are the mental lanterns with glass as they can suitable for indoor and outdoor display. It is worth noting that the purchased lanterns cannot be packed together with your luggage while traveling back home as they will be damaged by bending and breakages. Therefore, it may be important to send it back home through courier services which are widely available in Morocco. The best places to buy the lanterns are Marrakech and different locations in the country. The prices range from 100-500dh for a lightweight lantern and 1000-2000dh for larger heavier lanterns.

This is just some of the souvenirs to buy in Morocco and others include musical instruments, spices and dried goods, rugs and carpets, ceramics and hammered metal works. You should take your time choosing the souvenirs that you are interested and bargain with an open-mind while not showing too much interest in the product. We hope this information will guide you to find the best souvenirs in Morocco.

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