Complete your Morocco trip by simply visiting Taroudant. Allowing yourself to visit this walled Berber market town will definitely introduce to a hard to forget vacation trip.

Taroudant lies to the Southern part of High Atlas Mountains and to the Northern part of Anti-Atlas mountains right at the heart of Souss Valley. This place will surely give the best reason to enjoy the real Morocco with its beautiful local geography and souks.

Getting Closer to Taroudant

Taroudant is considered to be a market town instead of a city and its Berber population is known due to its friendliness. Its town walls appear to be a lot more complete than the other towns in Morocco glowing the shades of pink, orange or gold depending on the time of the day.

One of the unique physical characteristics of Taroudant is that it is half oasis and half citadel while its souks are known to be the best in South which offers you a better value for money compared to other souks. This great market town offers a quite authentic view of the daily life activities within a relaxing atmosphere.

A Perfect Place to Spend Vacation Time

Taroudant offers you a perfect location to feed your eyes with scenic views and mesmerizing landscapes. Also, this offers you an ideal place to use as a base for exploring its surrounding area. From the heart of the town, you can spot the beautiful view of Atlantic coast to the Southern part of Agadir within an hour away. You can also easily reach the abundant oases through Souss Valley and discover the Anti and High Atlas Mountains.

Experience the Climate of Taroudant

Taroudant is considered to be the warmest town in Morocco. From the months of November to March, the temperature is dropping rarely below 22-degree celsius. However, during summer time the cool breezes of Canaries are preventing the town to be the hottest.

How to Reach Taroudant

Taroudant is just an hour away from Agadir and the town’s international airport while gives you an about 3-hour drive coming from Marrakech. And, in order for you to completely enjoy the souks, walls and High Atlas’ backdrop being the main attractions is for you to ride a horse drawn a carriage, most especially at dusk. Although the souks are not quite big, these are still packed and varied with the traditional local craft with best qualities.

What to Eat and Drink in Taroudant

A restaurant like Riad Maryam will offer you fantastic and best quality food courses that will best give you the flavors of Taroudant. For only 55Dh Hotel Roudani at Place Asserg can provide you 3 courses for lunch while fascinating the snake charmers, musicians, and storytellers from the seat. Never miss the chance to taste the flavorful orange juice you can buy at the street vendors in Place Annasr.

The next time you will visit Morocco, take the time to explore Taroudant to complete you exciting and unforgettable trip. Taroudant has more things and amazing activities that await you, so include this town on your travel list.

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