Morroco is known as the home of four exotic yet historic imperial cities namely; Fez, Meknes, Marrakech and Rabat. An interesting fact is that all these four cities have been throned as the capital of the country and currently Rabat is holding the reins. Let us take a look you down memory lane of how the imperial cities came to be.

It all started in the nineth century when Fez was throned as the first capital of Morocco. Fez is the only city made out of three different heritage towns; Fes el Bali, Fes and Jedid as well as a modern section. Fez has the best views and it is magically built with surrounding walls at almost 10 miles. The people in this city are very religious and don’t open their mosques to visitors who are not Muslim but they are not so much strict with their beautiful cities. This city is also known for selling fabulous Arabic clothing. Even though it was replaced as the capital, Fez still remains an important city in the country.

Next we look at Meknes which was also throned as the capital of the country. Meknes is more relaxed and it has more mosques, palaces, dungeons and gardens. The Bab Al-Mansour port is the main attraction of this city. If you are looking to indulge in good food while in Morocco, look no further than this place.

Marrakech has the finest gardens including the Jardins that was created by a famous French painter. This is where people who stay in the mountain and travellers meet as it is seen as a place with great significance, a must see indeed. If you are looking for serenity, you should visit the Koutoubia mosque. Not forgetting the Ben Youseef Mederse and beautiful gardens for calamity and peacefulness.

Rabat is currently the capital of Morocco. This city is very ancient with a touch of modernism to make it more exotic, present and tranquil

These are the important and historic cities of Morocco, they aloe have key sites that make the country unique. Morocco has the best beach destinations in the world so you are guaranteed to have an amazing time out.


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