Visiting Morocco is a great experience for every traveler. It is indeed a great place to visit for its uniqueness and beauty. When visiting Morocco, it is quite wise to learn about the basic principle; therefore, you can get the most exciting experience.

Dress Code – since Morocco is a Muslim country; it is advisable to dress appropriately especially for women. Men can dress as they like, but women should cover most of their body part. You can wear trouser, long skirt, long shirt, and so on; if you can bring shawl or scarf with you, it will help you cover more. In some cases, women will receive more attention than men especially if they wear revealing clothes. In addition, bring a male buddy or husband with you will also keep you from getting unwanted attention. Even though this country is considered as a safe place to visit; however, you should also follow the way the local people dressed to blend in.

Fridays are Holy days – Friday is a holy day for Muslim people around the world. It is not likely that you will be forbidden to enter the country on Friday; it is just most of the store and public places will be closed on Friday. In addition, you should also pay attention to the other Muslim’s holy days such as Ramadan, Eid al-Fitri, Eid al-Adha, and so on. During the holy days, most shops and attraction will be closed because the local people celebrating their big days. It is better to reconsider your date arrival for a better travelling experience.

Safety – Morocco is actually a quite safe place for travelling; however, it is better not to let your safety guard down. Most of the people are honest and friendly, but there will always pickpockets especially in big and crowded place. So, make sure you keep your money and other important documents safe. In addition, you should also be very careful of local guides and any strangers who offer directions or tour. These people have the relationship with shops and will end up pressing you to spend more money and buy things that you can actually get with lower price without them. You should also be very careful when asking for directions because some local people will offer to walk you to your destination and ask for tips afterward.

Hygiene issue – it is better not to drink right from the tap water due to the hygiene issue. To stay safe, you can drink bottled water and use it even for brushing your teeth. The same issue also goes with the food; it is not likely that the food is dirty or something, it is more because your stomach may not get used to the food. You stomach can get upset if you suddenly eat different food from your daily diet. That is why you can pack some Immodium or any medicine which works for your stomach. This will help you calm your stomach after eating different food. It is also advisable that you bring toilet paper and hand sanitizer everywhere since most of the public restrooms do not provide it.

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