The nature has provided us with plenty of useful things including fresh water and various kinds of food. When it comes to talking about the best tourism sites and destinations, what the nature has to offer is far greater than the ones we make with our hands. Sandy beaches, mountains, waterfalls, canyons, amazing animals and forests are all courtesy of Mother Nature. There are many other incredible tourist sites on this planet that worth our visits.

Butterflies are the kind of beautiful natural creature that has been very fascinating to many scientists as well as tourists. Not only that they are very famous for their gorgeous wings, the way they behave in their natural environment is also an incredible sight to see. Many tourists have been fascinated by the amazing view formed by groups of beautiful butterflies and trees in a tropical forest. Butterfly tree has become a very famous natural attraction that is mostly found in the tropical forest of Latin America. You can witness this stunning sight in various rainforests from Mexico to Colombia.

Tropical forests on this planet have played a very important role in preserving the wildlife filled with an array of amazing creatures. They are also very essential to our life. Without them, there is no way that we can breathe plenty of fresh air in our atmosphere. Thus, if you happen to have a vacation in a forest, make sure that you do your part in preserving the natural area. The butterfly tree itself is formed by hundreds or thousands of Blue Morpho Butterflies, the local inhabitants of Latin America tropical forests. Sadly, their existence is greatly reduced by massive deforestation on the planet. If we let this sad condition grow, it is more likely that we can no longer see the stunning butterfly trees anywhere on the planet.

The lifespan of blue morpho butterflies is only 115 days. Most of their time is used for reproducing and consuming food. Most of them reside on the forest floor and the lower shrub of trees. When the mating season comes, you will see plenty of adult blue morphos flying through every layer of the forest. One of the most magnificent views of the blue morpho butterflies can be spotted from the air. Many pilots have reported large groups of blue butterflies above the treetops. They seem to warm their bodies with the sunlight. It is very hard for them to miss out that stunning sight from the sky.

Mexico could be a great example of a country that has done a great job in preserving their tropical forests. The government of this country has come up with a great idea to set up a number of protected sanctuaries within biosphere reserves. This smart act will greatly and positively influence the existence of the rainforest as well as the amazing creatures including the butterflies. The essential habitats of the beautiful butterflies can be well preserved and protected. That way, we can still enjoy the beautiful and fascinating butterfly tree for many years to come.

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