Christmas in Morocco in 2023 offers a whole new way to celebrate the season—one that’s far from the traditional snowy scenes. Instead, imagine immersing yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Morocco’s Erg Chebbi Desert. As we always do every year, we invite you to celebrate with us an unforgettable Christmas Eve that yours going to love.

Discovering Moroccan Holiday Charm

While Christmas isn’t a national holiday in Morocco, the festive spirit is contagious. Since the Moroccan desert is a very touristic area, this place creates a warm and cheerful atmosphere on Christmas Eve.

Your Unforgettable Christmas Celebration

Escape the ordinary and dive into an extraordinary adventure in the Erg Chebbi Desert. Picture spending Christmas Eve surrounded by the serene beauty of the desert, under a sky adorned with countless stars.

The Festive Journey

We’ve curated an exceptional celebration! Imagine the rhythms of traditional Moroccan music setting the tone as you enjoy a feast of authentic Moroccan cuisine: a flavorful blend that will tantalize your taste buds.

Memorable Experiences Await

Delve into the art of intricate henna painting and savor the thrill of a camel ride across the dunes as the sun paints the desert in stunning hues of gold and crimson.

Connecting Through Stories and Stars

Gather around a crackling bonfire as local guides share captivating Berber tales and legends. And when night falls, lose yourself in the vastness of the desert sky, gazing at the twinkling stars above.

Your Exclusive Experience

Our celebration in Erg Chebbi Desert includes everything you need for an unforgettable Christmas: cozy accommodations in traditional Berber tents, delectable Moroccan meals, guided cultural experiences, and the chance to witness the breathtaking beauty of the Sahara.

Join us on a mixed-culture adventure!

This is not the usual Christmas: it is a great opportunity to create unforgettable memories. It’s a chance to connect with other passionate travelers and friendly locals and share stories and the joyful spirit of the season in one of the world’s most captivating environments. In the desert camp, there will be music and some shows for children. If this appeals to you, be sure to book a tour departing from Marrakech on the 24th.

Reserve Your Spot

Secure your place in this extraordinary celebration! Contact us to be part of a Christmas experience that promises to be truly exceptional.

Let us make this Christmas a magical adventure in the middle of the Sahara Desert – because there’s no better way to celebrate this season than with new experiences and other people.

Join us on a Moroccan adventure!

Join countless satisfied travelers who have experienced Morocco with us. We customize every detail to make your Moroccan adventure uniquely yours. Explore the Magic of Morocco with us!