Whether you are alone or in company, there are tons of things to do in Marrakech at night. The only question that needs answering is: How do you want your fun?

A veritable pearl of the desert, Marrakech is filled with many sights and sounds of the old world. The ancient city has many tourist delights in the day but as with almost all great tourist destinations, it truly comes alive in the nighttime.

Now if your idea of a great night out is slugging cheap pints until 2 am with ear-splitting music screeching out in the background, then you’ll probably be lost in Marrakech.

But trust us, you’ll come to enjoy your loss in no time because Marrakech is much more fun, trendy, and classy than you’ll ever expect.

Although the law (and etiquette) dictates that alcohol should not be consumed within view of a mosque, especially around the city’s central Medina, there’s much fun to be had just a little distance from the Medina.

Primarily clustered around Avenue Mohammed V and in the many luxury hotels in the city, you’ll find your pick of top-class nightclubs, cocktail bars, restaurants, and a little bit of everything in perfect out-of-the-way corners.

Bars in Marrakech

After watching the sunset on the Atlas Mountains, it’s a good idea to find a nice spot to unwind either alone or with a few friends. There’s plenty to pick from.

Le Bar Churchill

One of the most glamorous bars in Marrakech, you’ll have to work very hard to do worse than Bar Churchill. Named after its most famous visitor, the bar is located in the high-class La Mamounia hotel.

It has a cool 30’s style décor with sumptuous surroundings and great drinks. You want to get into a crisp blazer for this one though as there’s a dress code. So don’t go turning up in your backpacking gear.

Café Modele Bar

If you’re not so much on the lookout for an upmarket night, say no more. We’ve got you. This little-known bar is a gem hidden away down a non-descript Gueliz side street.

It serves one of the cheapest pints in Marrakech and you can also get some cheap, very tasty kebabs. It’s a popular hangout for local men so you may not see too many tourists around. But if you’re cool and respectful, you’ll make many friends quickly.

Café Arabe

This one’s within the central Medina but once you enter, you’ll never know. It doesn’t feel like one of those touristy places that add a little too much on the sauce.

The Café serves cocktails that you can enjoy on plush, serpentine sofas while savoring the lovely view from the mountains. Drinks aren’t cheap here though so you want to go prepared.

La Perle Skybar

Another rooftop bar, the La Perle is pretty close to the La Mamounia hotel. It easily combines stunning décor with breathtaking views, just the right combination to make for a perfect evening.

From time to time, you can even catch a live band that plays salsa music with accompanying dancers.

68 Bar A Vin

The 68 Bar has a very nice ambiance. Perfect for having drinks with friends over great conversation and a nice smoke if you like.

There are some very good wine collections available and you can also savor their extensive Moroccan offerings if you’re hungry. Wine is by the glass though.


A fast-rising popular tourist destination, the Barometre is quickly taking its place as one of the best spots in Marrakech.

The interior has a dark, smokey feel that combines quite nicely with a modern design. The cocktails are a bit pricey but they more than compensate with gigantic drink sizes. And the burgers… heavenly.

Clubs & Live Music

If you want to do a spot of dancing, there are plenty of clubs to pick from. Famous DJs, live bands, and recent techno music is all available for your pleasure at any of these locations.

555 Famous Club

Located just 10 minutes south of Medina in the Hotel Ushuaia, the 555 is certain to give you your most memorable club experience in Marrakech.

The venue is glamorous, there are plenty of young clubbers around and the resident DJ is seldom out of form. Entry and drinks are free for ladies on Tuesdays

Pacha Marrakech

A staple of the international club scene, the Pacha’s big, bold brand of mega-club also has its share of the Marrakech night scene.

And what a share. The club attracts DJs from Ibiza and you’re apt to find the richest residents from Morocco grooving it out here. Although it has room for 3,000, you’ll be lucky to find an entrance on weekends.

African Chic

A great place to listen to live music every night, the African Chic will sate your improv palate quite nicely.

It has two huge bars and a great cocktail menu. There’s also quite a claim to popularity. You’ll probably hear at some point that the bar once hosted John Malkovich and Keanu Reeves.


The Theatro perfectly combines live performance with a great club atmosphere. You’ll find amazing performances from dancers, acrobats, and Gnawa musicians most every weekend.

International DJs are a mainstay in the club and the house is always jumping. The entrance is not cheap though. Standard entrance costs about 225 dirhams and a table with a bottle of your choice will set you back 1,000 dirhams.

Es Saadi Casino

Yes, it’s primarily a casino with slot machines, gambling, and every other thing you need to stake your salary on chance. But there’s also a pretty nice club right at the back where you can find great drinks, great music, and great company.


If you thought you’ve sampled all the delicacies on offer in Marrakech during the day, then you’re more than a little bit wrong. There’s just as much to be sampled at night, maybe even more, and these restaurants will put you on the path quite nicely.

Al Faissa

Loved by locals and tourists alike, Al Fassia will provide you with delicious, upmarket, authentic local cuisine.

It’s run almost entirely by women, which is a bit unusual in Morocco but that takes nothing away from the explosion of taste you’re going to experience. It’s also cheap, as dinner for two will only cost you about £40.

Mama Afrika

If you’ve developed a taste for sub-Saharan delicacies or if you’re in the mood to experience something new, then Mama Afrika is just for you.

There are plenty of offerings from surrounding African countries available and you can rock a bit while you wait for your food, with performances from young local musicians.

Le Tanjia

The Le Tanjia is another great location that serves you tasty Moroccan cuisine with beautiful views to boot.

It has beautiful décor and a lovely rooftop patio on which you can enjoy your dinner and fantastic views.

Le Salama Restaurant and Lounge

Another great rooftop lounge, the Salama is located in the Jemma el-Fnaa area. Meals range from 150-350 dirhams but they’re entirely worth the price.

You can enjoy hookah and cocktails with their daily happy hour when you can get one drink for the price of two. There’s also a local DJ and belly dancers to keep you entertained while you enjoy your food.

Café de France

Rooftop restaurants are a big deal in Marrakech because of the stunning views and Café de France is not wanting there.

The restaurant has lovely views of the Atlas Mountains and is well known for its famous clientele which includes screen icons and literary giants.

A little bit of everything

In case you’re spoilt for choice and don’t know which of the options to pick, why don’t you try everything at once. These great spots allow you to enjoy music, dancing, good food, great company, and drinks of your choice all at once.

Jemaa el-Fnaa

Your stay in Marrakech is incomplete until you experience the Jemaa el-Fnaa. It’s not so much a location as a street market.

Coming alive once the sun sets, you can enjoy great food from street barbecues, listen to live music from local musicians, dance and clap along and grab a mint tea to wash it all down while you take in the sights.

Café du Livre

Located at Gueliz, the Café du Livre is a restaurant, bar, and bookstore all rolled into one. You can sit in a corner and enjoy a nice book with a cool drink on happy hour days.

You can enjoy Buffalo wings and burgers with draft beers from 25 dirhams and you can participate in their trivia night which attracts people from all over. And if you’re the sporty type, you can catch major sporting events at the Café too.

Café Clock

If you want a camel burger like you never had it, here’s the place to go. While you won’t get alcohol here, the atmosphere and great food more than makeup for it.

You can enjoy performances from Gnawa musicians and even throw a few dance steps of your own if you feel like it. The Café is also a great place to learn a bit about Moroccan culture as they offer stories about their culture in English.

Le Comptoir Darna

The Comptoir is famous for its French-Moroccan cuisine. More than just a restaurant, it’s a hotspot of culture, fun, and music.

You can enjoy a cocktail at their lounge while you watch belly dancing, live music, and awesome performances. They have live performances from the traditional orchestra band of Comptoir Darna and the dance group Gnaoua every evening.

Let us help you find things to do in Marrakech at night

Marrakech is fun during the day. But if you have not experienced its nightlife, then you’ve only scratched the surface of it.

Let us hold your hand as you explore all the thrills and delights of Marrakech at night. So you’ll go back home knowing you’ve truly seen the beauty that is Marrakech.

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