Looking for a great and never before sand dune adventure that will cast away your boredom? Foum Zguid will give you what you need!  Your dream unique travel and adventure will definitely introduce to you by each grain of sand in Foum Zguid.

All your efforts and time looking for a perfect location to spend your entire vacation time is over! Get ready to explore Foum Zguid the best you have never imagined. Traveling to a majestic town like Foum Zguid is a great gift for you as well to your whole family.

You have the best opportunity to explore and enjoy its breathtaking views. This place offers you amazing discoveries of landscapes before getting there.

Entering the Beautiful Town of Foum Zguid

Foum Zguid offers you lots of fun way to enjoy your vacation. It is a town in Tata Province, Souss-Massa in the Southeastern part of Morocco. So, if you are going to visit Morocco, never miss the chance to explore Foum Zguid.

Foum Zguid offers you a different approach in spending your vacation and can give you an unforgettable travel experience. Before leaving Zagora or Tata, make sure to visit this place. This place provides you a scenic view of palmeraie which is larger than what you can see for less than hundred kilometers in the eastern or western direction.  The most noticeable attraction everyone will surely love is the sheer remoteness of itself.

Incomparable Accommodation for More Foum Zguid Explorations

Foum Zguid offers you 3 B& and Inns for you to choose from such as Auberge I’Oasis, Maison D’hotes Hiba, and Auberge Iriki or even take advantage of the campsite. Also, from these accommodations, you can simply the local café to extremely feel the atmosphere of the town.

Transportation within Foum Zguid

If you wanted to explore Foum Zguid the better way and get closer to its streets, you can take advantage of 3 buses that are passing through between Tata and Zagora weekly. You can simply enjoy any other attractions and interesting destinations when you choose to ride to its local transportation while experiencing how it feels like to live there in just a few days.

Experience the Desert in a More Fun Way

Never miss the chance to see more interesting things about Foum Zguid through overnight excursion passing the enchanting mountains and valleys until you reach Sahara. You can do this by riding in a 4×4 or camel from your accommodation and pass the stunning and ever changing landscapes.

There is no way for you not to visit Foum Zguid for this amazing place is perfect for your next dune adventure. At night, you can spend your time in the camp and gaze the thousands of stars in a clear sky. Thus, you can experience sleeping in traditional tents made of camel wool.

Make sure to be with your travel buddy for you to experience the town in a more exciting and enjoying way. Enjoy each of your moment in Foum Zguid for this place will give more reasons to visit it over and over again.