The Kingdom of Morocco offers diverse accommodation, from traditional Riads to luxurious resorts. You can spend the night in a feudal kasbah in the beautiful south-east and the next night surrounded by mosaics and orange trees in a traditional riad in the medina or even in a desert camp under a thousand stars.


Riad is another kind of accommodation beside of kasbah’s, it’s a traditional Moroccan house. It’s a refreshing inner courtyard with a fountain which reproduces the Roman villa. This conventional creative architecture that was created with mosaics, calligraphy in addition to geometric patterns became popular for several decades. Even more significant, attractive older buildings have also been enhanced into notable lobby lounges and hotels offering people a real Moroccan experience. Whenever you’re an aspiring traveler, then you may be amazed by all the excellent rooms which you are able to get in Morocco. To provide you with a brief history of the Riads, these were situated within the town districts in Morocco. In fact, the Riads were left several years ago. But it gained its popularity as it had been purchased by noble families especially European investors and tourists and revived as private homes way back in the 1970s.

Marrakech is a romantic, delightful and very famous city for its great riads. Sex and the City 2 was shot in this exotic town instead of Dubai. With its old markets, riads, historic landmarks, and its small crowded streets qualify it as the number one choice destination. Although you are just looking for some sunshine, you come to the ideal location for the best accommodations. However, after experiencing and familiarizing with the colorful old medina, you may also enjoy the time in one of the traditional Hammams.

List of the Best Places to Stay in Morocco

Your vacation will not be complete without trying to stay in one of Morocco’s beautiful riad. Being with someone special on your trip should be the best feeling that you can experience but you need to make sure that where you stay it is comfortable and cozy. Looking for inexpensive but exceptionally high-quality hotels in Morocco? Here is a list of the six best places to stay in Morocco.

Riad Anika

Dar Anika is located in Marrakech’s medina, just a 4-minute walk from the city’s main landmark “Jemaa el Fna Square”. © Dar Anika

Riad Anika

Are you looking for a lavish and participating boutique in Morocco? The ideal option for this is Riad Anika. Get soaked into a luxurious treat in their spa and also you won’t have any regrets about paying the price. The ambiance of Riad Dar Anika provides a single style of elegance that fans will certainly love. You’ll experience a fantastic personal treatment that will keep you coming back to the location. The hotel has a large swimming pool perfect for comfort. Enjoy the day and cocktail beverages are served for couples. Riad Anika guarantees 100% privacy for guests that you’ll really appreciate.

El Fenn riad

El Fenn is just a 10-minutes drive from Marrakech El Manara Airport and a 3-minutes walk from Jamaâ El Fna Square and Koutoubia Mosque. Located next to Bab El Ksour on the edge of Marrakech’s famous medina. © Riad El Fenn

El Fenn

One of the most popular hotels in Marrakech, Morocco. El Fenn is an ideal place for perfect retreat from which to enjoy Africa’s most exotic city. Its historic architecture, well-maintained gardens, and terraces are fantastic for your vacation in the city since it offers you excellent quality remedy as the guest. Located only a few walks away from the famous Jemma Fna square. The bustling maze of nearly all of the roads adds to the great view of the hotel. Not only the façade is amazing but the entire place is completely unbelievable.

Riad du Sud

Riad Du Sud is an outstanding kasbah in the south-east of Morocco. Located in a Berber village called Tamsahelte, just 10 km north of Tazzarine. © Riad Du Sud

Riad Du Sud

Would you like to have a great service and the best price for your stay in Morocco? With Riad du Sud, you will definitely get this. If you’re short of budget, this one’s appropriate for you. It’s a great place to spend your time with your loved ones in a typical kasbah close to a quiet Berber village. Make yourselves as comfortable as you are at home and enjoy truly the Moroccan hospitality. There are private bathrooms as well as showers. Other amenities are provided for guests. You only need to select which one is best suited for your requirements.

Dar Golden

Dar Golden lies in the medina of  Fez. It is an ideal destination for joyful holidays in Fez. © Dar Golden

Dar Golden

Unwind and relax in one of the top hotels in Morocco, which is the Dar Golden. It offers high-quality service to guests especially to couples who wish to make their vacation as memorable as they can. Be amazed by this fantastic ambiance in the hotel which will make you want to stay longer. The hotel is excellently designed, combining modern and traditional designs. The suites and rooms are great for couples thus, if you are with someone special, the hotel provides you with lots of reason to keep inside.

Auberge Chez Pierre

The Auberge Chez Pierre is situated just Beneath the Dades Gorge. Located about six hours driving from Marrakech on the road to the dunes of Merzouga. © Auberge Chez Pierre

Auberge Chez Pierre

Lies in the Dades Gorge, with its ochre and crimson landscapes. The hotel is constructed in the traditional structure of the region and also with local materials. You can be certain of a warm welcome and a calm stay in this idyllic setting at the High Atlas. Chez Pierre restaurant serves a European and Moroccan combination cuisine, according to local products and tastes. The hotel has a big outdoor swimming pool.

Azawad Luxury Desert

Azawad Luxury Desert Camp is located in the middle of the Sahara near Merzouga village.  ©Azwad Luxury Desert Camp

Azawad luxury Desert Camp

The Azawad camp is a  cozy lodging mixing modernity and credibility regarding your lodging in the town of Merzouga, in southeastern Morocco. Azawad Luxury Desert Camp is located in the middle of the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi near the village of Merzouga. The accommodation provides different types of nomadic tents which are decorated with the best Berber artwork crafted materials and supplied with bright modern types of equipment of lighting and other amenities to allow you to have a comfortable and luxury experience in the middle of the desert. A luxury dining tent-hall is available in the camp. Try it and allow yourself to indulge in tranquility and well-being!


Morocco has a range of great accommodation that will make your trip unforgettable with a unique atmosphere. The few accommodations I mentioned above are just an example.

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