Moroccan cuisine is famous for being the one of world best cuisines. The seasonal ingredients mix with cultural influences such as Jewish, Arab, Berber, and French result in the best traditional cuisine. The best Moroccan food is home served; therefore, find a family to eat with or at least in a family-run restaurant. When you eat with the family, you will likely to eat with your hands and bread instead of with a fork and knife. You should eat only with your right hand if eat in sharing communal plate such as Tagine and it is polite to only take the food in front of you.

Tagine – Moroccan Cuisine

This is probably is the most popular dish in Morocco. It will be incomplete visiting the country without trying Tagine. This dish is basically a traditional Berber dish which can be found in most of the restaurant all over the country. It is made in a large clay pot or ceramic which is usually used to cook stew. The casserole style dish consists of meat, fish, or poultry with several kinds of vegetables, fruits and mixed with spices and herbs. The whole ingredients are then slow cooked for hours.

Moroccan Cuisine

Salads – Moroccan Cuisine

Most of the Moroccan meals usually begin with salads which are colorful. You can choose for raw or cooked and also hot or cold salad. The salads include Marocaine which is a chopped tomato, cucumber, and onions; smoked aubergine dip or zaalouk, courgette puree, taktouka, and much more. If you are a vegetarian; it should be not a problem to find vegetarian dish because most of the Moroccan dishes use vegetable a lot.


Bread is considered as staple food in Morocco which is called khobz. This is a round and flat loaf which usually used to wipe the leftover tangine or harira. This bread can be easily found in the local market or you will also get this for free when to eat in any restaurants. Another traditional bread is the harcha which is made of pan-fried semolina and rghaif which is a layered and flaky flat bread. There is also baghira which is spongy bread with full holes.

Harira – Moroccan Soup

Harira is a kind of soup which is usually served as a meal starter. The soup ingredients are flour, tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas, eggs, rice, spices, and herbs. The soup has a spicy and thick consistency. To eat the soup, you can add turmeric and squeeze of lemon. During the Holy month Ramadan, this soup is served for breaking fast at dusk with a sticky pretzel called chebakkiya.

Moroccan Mint Tea

Mint tea can be found everywhere in Morocco since it is a Muslim country and it will be difficult to find liquor or beer. This beverage is the national drink and can be consumed any time of the day. You will be offered this mint tea in most of the stores you visit and in every meal. This tea is made of green tea, sugar, and peppermint and often poured from metal teapots.

Mint tea

Street food

Visiting certain country will not be enough without tasting the street food. Morocco also has savory street food which you can easily find. There are camel spleen, sheep’s head, snail soups, bisara, and sardines.