If you intend to be amazed and stunned in what you will see in your next travel, your destination should be the Todra Gorge. It offers a valley of limestone rocks formed by numerous generations by the river of Dades and Todra. The daylight is unbelievably beautiful with the rays of the sun dancing on the palm trees clustering on the gorge’s base. A day visit in this exquisite place will definitely give you an unforgettable visual treat.

Staying overnight in Todra Gorge is no less than exceptional as you breath the aroma of the almond and fruit trees nearby. It is fun to have an overnight stay in the outdoors to fully enjoy the atmosphere, although in the small village called Tinghir, there are some small hostels. If you choose to stay in the latter, you are assured of hospitable and warm people to welcome you. They are situated right in the middle of the rugged landscape making the overnight stay filled with sounds and sight of the Todra Gorge but in a more comfortable manner.

The Todra Gorge is 7 hours away from Marrakech and is situated in that deserted part of the landscape. Tours here will usually open you to the history of the berbers who are occupying the place and the history of this place. It usually tell how the placed was shaped out and become magnificent canyons today.

You sure would not want to miss exploring the beautiful rocks and take a gaze of its shapes which the water cut them to be. An amazing sight which anyone can behold. Some of the travellers will visit to hike, climb and ski which the gorge offer. Climbing is truly enticing especially when you get a glimpse of high rocks formations. But climbers must at all times climb along with expert guides who can provide them with guidance and instruction on how to successfully tackle those canyons.

Both day and night, the Todra gorge is stunning. The sunlight gives it a very vivid skies treating you to a amazing view of its landscapes. The night on the other hand offers stars which makes the river sparkle in the moonlight in the middle of water and rocks. Whether you will only stay for just few hours or you intend to be there overnight, the gorge has unlimited view to offer. It is truly awe inspiring creation of nature which has continue to amaze people from one generation to another.