When in this city, you’ll see most of the buildings adorned in the most beautiful shades of the color Red. It does not mean that other colors cannot be seen but their ratio is much less as compared to this color. This is the reason that the city got its name ‘Red City’. The architecture and the buildings are a treat for the eyes of all the travelers who are used to the modern contemporary designs of the buildings that are now built-in in various cities. The place proves to be a refreshing experience for the tourists as the aura and the culture takes you back in time.

Like other Moroccan cities, it is also divided into two parts. The ancient part of the city is called Medina which was built by Sultan Youssef Ben Tachfine during the Middle Ages and has in it all the ancient palaces and mansions that were once part of the legacy of the Moroccan kingdom. The way of life in this part is also very traditional which is quite a delight when compared to the modern lifestyle. On the other hand, the second more contemporary part of the city was built by the French in the middle of the twentieth century and has pavement cafes, trendy boutiques, and the most modern gardens and boulevards.

The Cultural City of Marrakech

The Culturally Rich and Beautiful City of Marrakech

Because of its rich culture, it serves as the chic capital of Morocco as it attracts a number of tourists, especially from Europe. Marrakech was founded by the first ruler of the Almoravid dynasty Youssef Ben Tachfine. The first-ever form was that of a camp and a market with a town being gradually coming into shape in that particular area. Earlier, the city was surrounded by thorn bushes but in the year 1126-27, the first seven-kilometer parameter of walls was raised around the city.

Under the rule of Alaouites, the city was replaced by Meknes as the capital of Morocco but still remained an important imperial city. It has immense importance for the economy of the country because it plays a vital role in its trade.

What is the largest city in Morocco?

Marrakech is the fourth largest city in Morocco after Fez, Tangier, and Casablanca and has more than one million inhabitants. This population continues to rise. The city holds immense importance because of its thriving industrial market and serves as the administrative center of Southern Morroco. So the answer to the question is Casablanca yet many people think that Marrakech is the biggest.

The place is full of surprises and amazing locations for all the tourists and comes with a complete variety of being culturally rich as well as being modern according to the current times. The place is a match for all those European destinations that hold worldwide attraction from tourists and offers a complete recreational experience for all the visitors.

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