Casablanca has turned out to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco. This city has so many things to offer than being only a nice place for you to transit and move on with your Moroccan tour. Apparently, there are plenty of interesting spots you need to visit, just make sure that you have spaces in your schedules since a single day in Casablanca will not help you discover the best sides of this city.

This city has the largest port in North Africa and it is home to at least 3 million citizens. If you come here to taste the beauty of this city, make sure that you visit the beautifully restored French colonial buildings, high-end boutiques, its medina, and good markets. If you have allocated multiple days for your exciting Casablanca tour, make sure that you pay a visit to the following tourist hotspots.

You can start your tour from Hassan II Mosque. It turns out to be the largest mosque on the planet that is designed to accommodate at least a hundred thousand worshipers. Only the Muslim visitors are allowed to enter the mosque and enjoy all the magnificent interior decoration including the intricate mosaics, sculpted plaster moldings, stone and marble columns and floors, and the wood ceilings which are nicely painted and carved. The visitors with other beliefs can still appreciate the stunning outside part of the sacred place through some Casablanca tours. There are many parts to discover at the location of Hasan II Mosque, this tour might eat up a full day.

If you think a day at the Hasan II Mosque is enough, you might continue your tour and visit a Hammam in Casablanca. It is the right place for you to enjoy a traditional steam bath and scrub. Solidarite Feminine and Les Bains Ziani are among the most recommended Hammams in this city. Once you feel fully recharged after the steam bath, you must have plenty of energy for an exciting shopping activity in Casablanca.

Casablanca is home to plenty of wide streets and modern structures and underneath them, the medina of this city can be a great place for you to shop around. In spite of its small area, you can easily get lost while shopping in small nooks and crannies. This shopping area is very contrasting to the modern side of the city. You can purchase plenty of authentic wares and crafts through some good bargains. If you like to quench your taste with wonderful displays of various foods, fish, and spices, you are invited to come to the Marche Central. For a unique shopping experience, make sure that you go to the busiest shopping street in Casablanca located along with the Boulevard Muhammad V.

The Place Mohammed V is also a nice place to fill your Casablanca tour. It is the main square that offers an astounding experience. In addition to the French colonial buildings, this place also has a large fountain. Make sure that you come here at night to enjoy colorful attractions. You can find the French consulate and a number of large banks in this location.

If you still have a few days left to spend in Casablanca and wish to make the most of them, you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere at the Corniche. This place is also known as the Blackpool of Morocc or the South Beach of Morocco. You can stroll down the area to enjoy the beautiful beach views and the comforting sea breeze. Since it is located quite far from the city center, it is advised that you take a cab to get you to the beach location.

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