Nkob village is located in south Morocco on the road between Tansikht and Tazzarine , This majestic area is considered to be a part of the Souss-Massa-Draâ. It’s a very fast growing community with an increase in population. It also has a fascinating historical heritage and funding is being invested in restoring and improving these elements.

Most people believe that the name of Nkob comes from a cave called Nkab, located just outside Nkob. This cave was a resting place of the tribe of Ait Atta.

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On Sunday, the last fine day of a weekend, there a market in the morning where the Ait Atta, the oldest Berbers of the country who call themselves Imazighen, do their shopping and meet people who otherwise would never see each other. This not only to make the necessary purchases, but also to exchange all kinds of news.

If you are travelling to Merzouga don’t miss this wonderful oasis of rest, Nkob will be a lovely stop on the way from Ouarzazate to Merzouga. You can also take a one hour hiking in the oasis full of palmtrees and its 45 kasbahs. Just above the town you have a beautiful panorama over the village. Some of these kasbahs have been renovated and transformed into guest houses. At sunset these buildings provide a fantastic palette of colors to the orange background of the red rocks. Travelers seeking an extreme experience may find it to be a good destination, It is not yet overcrowded by tourism.

Where to stay in Nkob

When you decide to travel to this village with your car or by bus, it is better to book a hotel front. Nkob has many Kasbhas and hotels where you can stay for a nicht or more. You should not have to worry about the quality of the hotel accommodation. If you would like to stay outside of the village that is also possible, just 20 km form Nkob there is a Riad called Kasbha Hotel Riad Du Sud, give it a try. All of there services and facilities have been designed to make guests feel at home.

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