If you happen to travel to Tinghir Province located in Drâa-Tafilale, Morocco, you would not miss to go and travel to Kelaat M’Gouna. The place is known for its large contribution to both the economic and social contributions. This is shown in the region. Aside from these, the town is also known for the famous Festival des Roses. The festival is celebrated each year during the month of May.

Due to this famous festival, a large number of tourists visit the place each year to join or to take part in the celebration. These are only a few of the great activities held in the city.


The town is known for the Roses that are celebrated every year. Since then, the large rose production in the town was made synonymous in the name of the city. The early settlers live in a comfortable doing trading and housework. Rose gathering was also prominent during the city’s early years.  Today, the gathering of roses turned to a large-scale industry as more rose products are made each year.

Things to do at Kelaat M’Gouna

 Life within and outside the city is filled with celebration and entertainment when the right occasions arrive. You can have an exciting tour in a few of the neighboring towns located or found in the city. You could travel and spent some wonderful time in Hay Annahda or at Alt Alssi.

You could shop or buy a large variety of goods that could be found in the city. If you happen to visit the city on a Tuesday, you would find a large livestock trade happening in the city in the nearby markets. If you happen to go to the city on a Wednesday, you would find time to shop for food and other types of goods.

One of the highlight activities you could do at Kelaat M’Gouna is to take part in the Roses Festival that is held every May. Many visitors come to the city to purchase the rose products that range from rose water, perfumes, oil, products on cosmetics and many more.

Places to Visit

The neighboring towns and municipalities are excellent destinations to travel with your family and friends.  However, if you want to dine in, there are bars, shops, and restaurants open in the area. You could go and have a stroll in the park located in the surrounding borders of the town.

If you want to relax and enjoy the best hotel services, you have a large variety of hotels to visit. A few of these amazing hotels found at Kelaat M’Gouna are Maison d’hotes Dar Timita, La Perle de M’Goun, hotel Xaluca Dades and more.

You are sure to enjoy your stay at Kelaat M’Gouna. There is an assurance of thrill and adventure in every way. The rich economy, places, and activities make the city a great destination for your tour or family vacation. You are assured of a great time here and the travel time is all worth it.

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