What Makes Giant’s Causeway Worth A Visit

Northern Ireland has been very famous for many different things, Giant’s Causeway has to be one of them. Should you plan on visiting this country for your next holiday season, make sure that you do not miss this site from your list. If you wish to have a sneak peak at this beautiful holiday destination, make sure that you notice it each time you drive from Belfast to Londonderry. Along the trip, it is pretty hard for any traveler to overlook the Giant’s Causeway along the Causeway Coastal Route. It would be a nice way to treat your eyes during your trip. This is such a beautiful and unusual site that will make you come want to come back the next time you have the chance.

The History of Giant’s Causeway at a Glance

Nobody knew a thing about the existence about the Giant’s Causeway before Sir Richard Bulkeley made his discovery and showed it to the Royal Society in 1693. The baronet and Irish politician has made the popularity of this site increased significantly. However, the first image of the causeway only emerged to the surface much late in 1739 through a watercolor painting made by Irish painter named Susanna Drury. In 1883, thanks to the introduction of the tram way in the area, this place was finally open to many visitors and explosion of visitors keep on visiting this incredible site since then. This fascinating tourist site is a group of rocks with geometric shapes projecting into the Atlantic Ocean. The pillars of rocks form the cliffs that you can see by the coastline.

Things You Need to See in Giant’s Causeway

In order to make your visit more organized, it would be much better if you visit the visitor’s center before starting your journey. Not only that you will be provided with the informative movie, you can easily purchase some souvenirs as well. Should you wish to treat your eyes with the best view of the location, you can start with taking a walk down to the coastline so that you will be that much closer to the amazing rocks. If you find it hard or too tiring to walk, you can simply take the bus instead. Then, you will find a trail track that will lead you to the higher vantage point. At this standing point, you can feast your eyes with the amazing view of the coastline.

The view is so amazing that might make us unaware of our own safety. Therefore, make sure that you do not walk to close to the edge as you take the incredible scenery with your camera. If you happen to be an adrenaline rush junkie, you might want to pay a quick visit at the Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge. If you have what it takes, you can try to take a short walk over the sea to a nearby island. It would be a scary experience to most visitors. Should you look for a real treat and comfortable rest during your vacation, staying at a bed and breakfast in Bushmills could be a nice choice.

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