Morocco, you need more than once to experience the whole thing of this country. Nevertheless, when you hear about Morocco you may think about Marrakesh since, it is one from some popular cities in Morocco for variations of things which this city offers. Marrakesh aside, there are other cities which are deserved to travel to. Fez El-Bali in Fez is one from some other cities you may not to skip when you spend your holiday in Morocco. Fez El Bali, its other name is old city. Just like its name you will experience something with old atmosphere herein.

Therefore, for you who appreciate the old world and rest a while from the hustle and bustle of modern lifestyle, this one is worth visiting. Walk inside the city, you will take a part in the world of 9th century. Over there, you will discover traditional and distinctive hostel and inns (fonduks), ancient palaces, traditional Moroccan houses that commonly have garden inside (it is known as riad), mosques and madersas which are very old in age. Thence, it feels like you go back to the past when you visit this city. You know, for that reason, Fez El Bali is considered as one of world heritage by UNESCO.

After enjoying the past memory in Fez, take your time to feel Casablanca. Even though, there is a plethora of things to find herein, but the most notable one is its beautiful mosque. It is Hassan II Mosque. This one is not only giving you with phenomenal design that covers the mosque like its tile works, marble details, onyx details, ornamented craved stucco, but the fact that its building is stands straight on the surface level of the sea, you may find this one as inviting. Oh, another thing you need to know, you will effortlessly find beautiful mosques in Morocco, but the saddest thing is, almost all of them are banned for a non-Muslim visitant.

Unlikely those mosques that lie around any cities in Morocco including Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakesh, Hassan II Mosque welcome any visitants even for those non-Muslim visitants. So, be sure to put Casablanca into your list. One more, Hassan II Mosque is considered as one of some largest mosque to admire in Morocco. Then, if you love to enjoy nature, you must be pleased to take some trips to Valley of The Kasbahs which is located near Ouarzazate and Cascades D’Ouzoud that take its location in Central High Atlas Mountains.

Thus, what’s something delightful about those places? Valley of The Kasbash offers you with jaw-dropping rock formations and canyon you never imagined before. Palm trees and sandstone caters another stunning view for this place whilst, in Cascades D’Ouzoud, you will be welcomed with spectacular canyon and waterfalls. The fun is not stopping there, if you are a typical social people that love so much to spend your time in cafe, Tangier is recommended for you for numerous cafes you’ll meet herein. See, Morocco is not all about Marrakesh, there are some other addictive places to experience once you choose Morocco as your next destination for holiday.

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