It would take an endless article to talk about the fascinating sites for tourist in Morocco. This African country is actually home to an array of great destinations and tourist attractions that will make your visit more memorable. If you like to spend most of your vacation in a Moroccan village that is filled with French styles, and then you might as well visit Essaouira this holiday season. You shall find fortified walls from the 18 century in this village and many tourists think that they are in Europe as they visit this place. Thanks to the Frenchman who designed this place, Essaouira is now presenting the medieval French look to every visitor.

If you like to see the soul of Morocco in this fishing town, you will need to enter the walls and walk through the narrow winding streets of Essaouira. This fishing town is filled with the smell of the fresh sea air. You shall realize of the fish presence immediately as you smell the air of the town. Other than that, you can also feel the air is filled with aromas from various spices. Essaouira is also known as the Wind City in Africa. It has to be strongly related to the trademark wind in the town that will brush the skin of every visitor. The trademark wind is trying to tell you that this place should not be forgotten even after you leave Essaouira.

Finding a great place to stay in Essaouira should be very easy especially when you wish for a nice accommodation near the beach location. This place is well known for its beautiful and relaxing beaches and there are many hotels and restaurants in this coastline area to support your comfortable vacation. The beaches are so beautiful that they have been very attractive to both local travelers and international tourists. The beaches have turned out to be a perfect location not only for swimming and sunbathing activities, you can also try some kite surfing and windsurfing activities. Thanks to the strong wind that blows consistently in this area, those leisure activities have become the most popular water sports for many Essaouira visitors.

Unlike many other main cities in Morocco, the town of Essaouira is still protected from mass tourism. Therefore, you shall find this place very humble and authentic. However, the number of travelers who visit this place keeps on increasing from year to year.

Each time you visit this town, make sure that you do not miss its Medina. You can witness how this place is covered with the Mediterranean look as there are plenty of whitewashed houses in the area. From the Medina of this town, you can continue your journey to the local market known as the souk. In this local market, you can fill your bags with unique souvenirs like high quality Berber rugs and beautiful ceramics. Other than that, make sure that you shop for the famous saffron in the market. Essaouira still has many interesting sites to visit, you might need to spend at least a week in this Moroccan town to explore its magnificence.

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