Traveling to a very convenient and relaxing destination would be the best thing you need after your tiring and exhausting days at your office and home. Choosing the right destination to visit could be quite challenging sometimes especially when you have no idea of what type of traveling that you like the best. If you wish to spend your holiday season in a region with tropical climate, then Indonesia would be the best option that you have.

This beautiful country is located in southeastern region of Asia and it is well known for its various tourist attractions. Not only this amazing country is home to an array of gorgeous beaches with incredible views of the ocean, you can still indulge yourself with many other tourist attractions. Indonesia is known as the biggest archipelago on the world, every tourist who come visiting is more likely to have a great adventure in every visit. A single visit will not be enough to quench your thirst, the tourist attractions that this county has to offer are so many that you will keep coming back in the following holiday seasons.

What You Need to Know About Indonesia

The population of this country has reached out to more than 230 millions of people and that has made Indonesia one of the top five countries in the world with the highest population. Despite the fact that Indonesia is known as the country with the largest Muslim population on the planet, this beautiful country is a democratic state instead of being an Islamic one. Indonesia is very rich in cultures and is home to a plethora of different tribes. If you wish to have a quick glance of all those different cultures and traditions in this nation, you can simply visit the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. This metropolitan city is known as the center of the economic if this country as well. Since we have many different ethnic groups and traditions in Indonesia, do not be surprised to find various local languages as you visit every corner of this country. Fortunately, the entire states of Indonesia have acknowledged Bahasa Indonesia as their national language.

Indonesia is also home to an array of tropical forests that host a large population of various flora and fauna. There are so many specific animal and plant species found in Indonesia that has made this nation as the country with the second highest level of biodiversity in the world. Many experts have a great attention in preserving the wildlife and forests in this country considering that this place is the lung of the planet. Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi and Papua have to be the main islands of Indonesia. Other than that, there are many other smaller islands that belong to this nation.

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