Are you going to visit Morocco this year? If it happens, stay here reading, in this article we will be more than happy to talk about the best places to see in Casablanca when visiting Morocco. Casblanca is located at cost of Morocco. It is one of the biggest cities in Morocco. Casablanca is more known as business city, many people have invested their money here.

best places to see in Casablanca

The best places to see in Casablanca

Each year this city holds a festival “Genawa” in the summer. For  young people is it chanse the show there talent, in one week there is all kind of music everywhere.

Well, Casablanca is known with its great beaches and the highest mosque, here you have the opportunity to taste  all kind of fesh and enjoy the sun.

Hassan II mousque located a few kilometer from the  center, its a beautiful mousque and lagiste in Morocco.


How to get there ?

By bus :  by bus from all Moroccan cites can be comfortably today. The service is conducted by CTM.

By plan :  Mohamed V airport is the largest airport in the whole country, it’s modern. Here you can also rent a car and exchange your money to Dirham

By train :  By train can from large cities to other, except from Agadir, you may have probably to take first a bus to Marrakech. From there you can easy travel by train to Casablanca

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