When visiting Morocco, there are so many incredible things to experience. Because of Morocco’s diverse geography, you could do everything from visit the beach to trek in the desert! Some of the most popular tourist activities are taking camel rides, camping under the stars and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. However, the most adventurous- and invigorating- activity by far is taking an Atlas Mountains tour. By going on an Atlas Mountains Tour from Marrakech, you get to experience quite a bit of Morocco. On your tour, you will pass through several exquisite cities before reaching the jaw-dropping Atlas Mountains.

The Atlas Mountains is a large mountain range in Morocco that stretches diagonally across the entire country. It begins near the Atlantic Ocean and reaches all the way to the northern Rif Mountains. The Atlas Mountains is a beautiful mountain range that is filled with rocky hills and lush valleys. In the summer, the mountains are covered with colorful wildflowers and in the winter, they have a blanket of snow upon them. There are three main sections of the Atlas Mountains: the High Atlas, the Middle Atlas, and the Anti Atlas. The High Atlas mountains are the closest to Marrakech.

An Atlas Mountains tour from Marrakech to Toubkal is filled with once in a lifetime experiences. Aside from trekking across the stunning Atlas Mountains, there are several exciting activities for tourists to do on the journey. Some potential activities include quad biking, visiting the smaller Berber villages and hot air ballooning. The view from the peaks of the Atlas Mountains, however, is the highlight of many tourists’ journeys. When standing atop these peaks, tourists can see wide stretches of the Atlas Mountains, including its green valleys, flowing waterfalls and rocky gorges. If you enjoy observing nature, hiking and trying new things, then you will love going on an Atlas Mountains tour.

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