On December 25th, Christmas will be upon us, and the festive spirit is already in full swing. Shopping malls are alive with the sounds of classic Christmas tunes, shelves adorned with glittering decorations, and families bustling with holiday preparations. If you’re seeking an alternative to the traditional consumer-driven celebrations or simply craving a change of scenery, why not consider escaping to the enchanting realm of Morocco?

Morocco is a Muslim country and thus Christmas is traditionally not celebrated. For most it in just a normal day of work and school. Outside the big cities, you will not spot a trace of Christmas decor. However, in the bigger, metropolitan cities like Rabat, Casablanca, Agadir, Fez, and Marrakech Christmas is gaining in popularity. Many foreigners call these cities home and business travel is vital to the economy. To accommodate this some Western traditions have become integrated into Moroccan life. It is also high tourist season as many Europeans catch a quick flight across the sea to enjoy a relatively inexpensive holiday. Many hotels and riads have started getting into the holiday spirit. One must thus remember that accommodation can book up fairly early, so don’t wait until the last minute!

Getting in the Festive Spirit

If you want to have a traditional Christmas experience stay in the bigger cities, especially Rabat, which is home to many foreigners and visiting businessmen. Bigger hotels, especially chains, offer Christmas meals and related events and luxury riads are also starting to decorate and celebrate the holiday. There are churches throughout the country for those who want to attend. Owing to the Spanish and French influence the majority of churches are Catholic.

There are several large supermarkets in Marrakech that stock British and other holiday favorites to ensure travelers get their fill of their favorite holiday candies. Keen to indulge in some holiday merriment you can find bars in most cities and most hotels allow the consumption of alcohol. Maybe try some Moroccan wine, although not well known for wine, it is starting to gain popularity. Please check with your accommodation beforehand as some establishments don’t want alcohol consumed on their properties due to their religious beliefs or locality to a mosque.

For those accustomed to a white Christmas snowfall can occur in the Atlas Mountains. The pretty, colonial city of Ifrane is popular for resorts and travelers can merrily spend their time skiing, making snow angels, and sitting by log fires.

The beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen is a great option for a new take on Christmas. Hidden in the mountains and forest, decked out all in blue, this pretty gem of a city is a magical winter retreat. Stay in the medina close to the main square-it looks pretty ‘Christmassy’ throughout the year with its colorful string lights dangling in the trees. Get lost exploring the many blue streets decorated with colorful hanging baskets, enjoy meals at the numerous little restaurants, haggle for souvenirs and stocking fillers, or go hiking in the Rif mountains to find a beautiful waterfall.

Escaping the Festive Spirit

For those wishing to completely avoid the Christmas spirit, one can completely miss all the corny festivities when in Morocco. Most locals will be going about their daily business and all shops and restaurants will be open. Wanting to escape the cold European winters you’ll be happy to find relatively warm conditions of about 20 degrees in Marrakech. Swop turkey for tagine, eggnog with mint tea, replace Christmas carols with traditional Gnawa music, and delight in the hustle and bustle of the medinas of Morocco. Instead of watching soapies you can happily sit and people watch the locals going about their daily business. Or channel your inner Indiana Jones and set off on your camel into the Sahara Desert sunset. There are activities in Morocco to suit everyone- check out other posts on Desert Morocco Adventures for ideas.

When is Christmas?

Christmas is celebrated annually on December 25th.

Year Day Christmas Christmas
2022 Sunday December 25, 2022
2023 Monday December 25, 2023
2024 Wednesday December 25, 2024
2025 Thursday December 25, 2025
2026 Friday December 25, 2026
2027 Saturday December 25, 2027
2028 Monday December 25, 2028
2029 Tuesday December 25, 2029
2030 Wednesday December 25, 2030
2031 Thursday December 25, 2031
2032 Saturday December 25, 2032
2033 Sunday December 25, 2033
2034 Monday December 25, 2034

Whether you want to wear your favorite Christmas sweater and embrace an African Christmas, or if you want to change up your routine completely- Morocco will delight all your senses. Times running out your better get planning… contact us at Desert Morocco Adventures if you’d like assistance in planning a tour.

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