You are excited on your next tour where you will be heading to the African State, Morocco. You sure have made your research and might have read about the Berbers and their knowledge about the land, the craftsmen and the indestructible history of the people. Or you might not have not heard about them. Take a glimpse of these amazing people and the richness of their culture.

The history of the Berbers can be traced way back the prehistoric times. They are living for the last 4000 years or can be more than that. They named and call themselves as the Amazigh or the proud raiders who has fought against French, Arabs and Roman invaders. Although the ancient Romans and the others tried colonizing these group of people, the Berbers were not beaten, and was able to preserve their very own culture and their language. The berbers language is naturally oral and their system of writing is in existence for almost 2500 years.

These light skinned people are called in different names. Ancient Greeks call them Libyans while the Romans regard them as Numbians and African. Medieval Europe call them Moors. Today, most Moroccans are either Moors or Arabs and Berbers. Most of the Arabs and Moors are living in the city while the Berbers are living in the mountain. But, it is also very common nowadays to see Berbers owning and running small shops and engaging in small commercial endeavours

Different Berber tribes are inhabiting different Moroccan regions. In the Draa valley can be found the draw berbers. The North East is occupied by the Dades while the river of the North West is dominated by tribes such as Zeri, Seddrat and Mesgita. The Morrocan Rif is home for the Ghomoras

If you intend to have a far deeper understanding of the Berbers, it is a must that you book a tour in Morocco. Find a local operator of tours and spend time trekking in the stunning Atlas Mountains. Along your way, you can have the chance of visiting small villages of berbers. These people are amazingly warm and friendly. They will usually offer you glass of the famous mint tea or even cook traditional dish for a more enjoyable dinner.

Moroccan berbers will help you in finding and taking the best routes during your tour. You may also want to visit markets of Fez and Marrakech where you can enjoy numerous craftsmanship of the berbers. The selection are wide ranging from handmade babouches, silver jewelry handcrafted by the Tuareg and the Amazigh artists. For those who have tastes for embroidered caftans, kilims, pillows, you sure can find them as well.

The Moroccan berber hired as tour guides will help you in finding yourself in the kind of vacation that you always dream of. They can take you to a Moroccan adventure will sweep you away from the modern cities and allow you to enjoy coast villages. You can also see festivals of the berbers customs which are still being practiced up to this day.

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