Morocco is a perfect country to be your holiday destination. Each time you visit this country, you are more likely to experience exciting and unique tourist sites and welcomed by the friendly local people. Morocco has a number of cities and towns which have been popular to many tourists from Europe and other parts of the world. Morocco and its cities could be a great place for you to enjoy your honeymoon break as they offer you a very romantic holiday experience. Moreover, this country has everything you need when you need to escape from your monotonous daily life. Casablanca has to be one of the most famous Moroccan cities that is filled with historical structures and diverse cityscape. In order to make your Casablanca visit more memorable, you need to know where to start and end your day.

A single day might not be enough to explore the hidden treasure of this Moroccan metropolis. However, if you only have 24 hours left in your schedule, you must come up with a smart travel guide to make the most of it.

Things You Need to Do in Casablanca

Prepare yourself for 24 hours of excitements in Casablanca by having a breakfast at a French bakery named Paul. You can find this restaurant in Villa Zevaco that is designed with art deco architecture. Considering that this restaurant is one of the trendiest spots to hang out in Casablanca, this place is rarely empty in the morning.

Once you finish your first meal of the day, Hassan II Mosque could be your first destination. This mosque was built in the 1980s and it is clearly far younger than the oldest structure in the city. The unique location and the French architecture attached on this mosque have made it worth your time and sight. The mosque is located on a rocky outcropping that rises up from the ocean. It resembles the look of a throne. This popular mosque is visited by at least 80,000 visitors where most of them are local worshipers.

Hassan II Mosque is known as the third largest house of God in the world and walking around this place might drain your energy. Before you continue your Casablanca day trip, make sure that you ride you the Rick’s Caf for a Hollywood lunch. This place was inspired by a Hollywood movie entitled Casablanca and your lunch on Sunday will be more excited thanks the jazz live performance.

It is important that you enjoy your lunch because you surely need plenty of energies to explore a number of historic and popular sites in the city. Quartier Habous is a must-see spot for Casablanca travelers. You can spend a great deal of time in this place as you go shopping or enjoy the unique cuisines. This quarter was built in the 1930s and you can see how the Frenc and Moroccan cultures collide nicely. If you are ready to end your day trip at Casablanca, make sure that you visit the cliff-top restaurant A Ma Bretagne. This would be a perfect spot for you to enjoy your dinner with your loved one.

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