Marrakech is home to wonderful year-round weather, incredible architecture, and unique cultural experiences, which makes it a traveler’s dream destination. When reaching Marrakech visitors will fall in love with breathtaking views, as the desert sun reflects off the city buildings and distinct pink walls; lending itself to the nickname “pink city.” Camel rides, waterfalls, and incredible foods are some of the cultural involvements this “pink city” has to offer. However, to get the complete Marrakech experience, it is a necessity to stay in a riad.

A riad is a dwelling structure that is several stories tall, where rooms and entryways are oriented inwards, facing a central courtyard area. The name is a derivative of the word “garden” which often adorned these open areas. Years ago, these would have been home to wealthy Moroccans, but today, Marrakech riads provide travelers an authentic interaction with the city. The incredible courtyards, rooftop verandas, refreshing pools, cozy bedrooms, and many more qualities riads have to offer can come with an affordable cost. The following riads are our top picks of budget-friendly stays, allowing you to have a spectacular experience and save money for the many other activities Marrakech offers.

Riad Le J

The Riad Le J offers a beautiful display of authentic Marrakech artistry. Four themed rooms give you the option to choose the colors and atmosphere in which you stay. Fresh served pancakes and bread make a sensational breakfast after a restful night in your chosen room. Riad Le J is perfect for an inspiring stay that satisfies both eyes and appetite.
Room prices start at about €75 / £65 per night.

Riad Matham

Located just around the corner from Jamaa el Fna Square, in the Medina of Marrakech is this simply beautiful Riad Matham. The 16th-century house displays authentic Moroccan- style décor, granting a relaxing experience during your stay. Other features such as the steam bath and rooftop terrace will transport you to a slower time, while still providing modern conveniences.
Prices are around €64 / £56 per night.

Riad Tizwa

The Riad Tizwa is a luxurious combination of comfort and elegance. Wraparound balconies, quixotic curtains, spacious rooms and a flourishing courtyard create an incredible Marrakech experience. In the morning you can enjoy a bountiful breakfast spread of homemade yogurt, fruits, pastries, and many other traditional Moroccan foods. After your morning meal, explore the Dar el Bacha palaces, as it located just right next door.
Room prices start at about £45 per night.

Riad UP

Riad UP is a private and quiet destination which delivers a romantic experience for its guests. Cozy living spaces combined with a large pool and terraces presenting incredible views make the Riad UP a stay to meet every desire. While being on the expensive side of our budget riads, the Riad UP is an oasis that deserves to be featured.
Rooms prices start at about €90 / £80 per night.

Dar Attajmil

Last, but certainly not least! From the staff to the adorable details this riad has the offer, the Dar Attajmil makes the list of our best budget riads for many reasons. A cozy courtyard and rooftop terrace highlight the riad, while the rooms provide everything you need for your stay, including toiletries made with local ingredients. While the price is higher than most other riads listed, it is every bit worth it.
Room prices start at about €90 / £80 per night.

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