One of the most popular cities in Morocco is Casablanca. Many people decide to take a vacation in such a city due to different reasons. Are you interested? It will be a daunting experience when you decide to visit that place without information. At least, you need to gather information about some popular attractions there. Most popular tourist attractions are easy to enjoy as you don’t need to spend much time lingering around the city. You can visit one place to another in a timely manner. You are able to find many exotic places with lots of Moroccan foods and cultures. Overall, don’t ever miss these places.

The Great Hassan II Mosque

This is the most renowned building in Casablanca. People always look for a unique and new experience when visiting a place. You should do the same while taking a vacation in such a city. It’s definitely the Hassan II Mosque. In fact, it’s the biggest Mosque in the world. It’s also considered the tallest. When you come inside the mosque, you can see the unique design with a Moroccan touch. You need only to pay 12 euros to explore the mosque with the help of a guide. Overall, this place should be the top priority when visiting Casablanca.

Popular Tourist Attractions Casablanca

Other Places to Visit in Casablanca

Most popular tourist attractions also come in some majestic buildings. There are many art deco buildings that you can visit. Those buildings consist of lots of history either the French or others. Casablanca still represents colonial times around the 30s. Due to this reason, there are many art deco structures in the city. Those buildings are architectural heritages from the past. They are dominating the entire city so you can take advantage of them for photographing. All of them are both beautiful and interesting for sightseeing. Thus, you should never underestimate the beauty of ancient buildings.

Next, you have Rick’s Café. Casablanca is also popular due to such an interesting place. If you are a movies lover, you definitely have ever heard such café. It’s the real deal. Perhaps you don’t think that it really exists, do you? Actually, it’s the replica of a mythical café that you have seen in a movie called the Old Town. In the terms of location, that place is quite strategic. It’s situated between the Medina walls, Casablanca Port, and Sqala fortifications. People who visit the café often spend much time drinking and lounging. You should do the same!

Here’s another area to visit in Casablanca. The name is Habbos. It’s an interesting place to enjoy the other side of the city. People also call this area the new Medina. At the first glance, it looks like the traditional towns of Moroccan. Yet, there are some extras that you can enjoy including modern facilities and larger streets. There you can find many traditional markets for shopping and sightseeing. Not to mention you can see the Royal Palace. It’s quite worth visiting among the Most popular tourist attractions in Casablanca. For further information, you can read information from the internet. If you still need more information about Casablanca check Travel Guide To Casablanca.

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