The people and culture of Morocco are for the majority of travelers the world away from their towns and cities. The people and culture are normally so completely different from what they understand, which they sometimes find themselves in circumstances to which they have any idea how to respond.


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The art in Morocco is significantly special. A lot of historical examples are on display at museums and more modern examples are currently on display at souks and art galleries. You will find different ways how people express themselves – in calligraphy, carving, painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, clothing and carpets. They even hold some of the international art festivals every year to highlight all their skills and talent. If you’ve ever had a chance to visit this country, you must consider purchasing some of the local artworks. It will not just present you with a little memento of your travel, but it will also help out the local people who are quite poor.


Souks are a way of life in this country and you normally won’t need to go far just to find one. You can sometimes get good bargains; however, remember that the majority of Moroccans will have more experience than you will when we talk about haggling the cost so you’ll frequently find yourself able to get better than what is being offered.

You might find if you are courteous and friendly enough that you will soon begin to make friends along with the locals. If this occurs and you’re invited to a meal, it’s good to bear in mind some of the local customs. For instance, you will normally take off your shoes whenever entering a house. Another, you can follow the example of your host in this matter.

It’s a good idea as well to bring a gift of a sort too. If you’re home in the city, you may take some sugar or pastries with you. If you’re in the country, it’s good to buy some live chicken for the household. A home invitation is probably the most authentic way to experience Moroccan dishes. The majority of Moroccan food is consumed and eaten with hands. Thus, if you’re invited to join somebody for a meal, you should eat with your right hand and your left is supposed to be utilized for the toilet.

Traditionally, the women are in control of the homes and men take to the streets. This denotes that you’ll not often find women in restaurants and cafes. If you’re women and you start a friendship, you’ll like being invited to the home of the person for a further association. Meanwhile, if you’re a woman and man traveling together, you tend to be invited to a café for some meal or tea.

To sum up, Moroccan culture can be a worldly and exciting experience. The people are very friendly and the place is vibrant. Hospitality is a part of their culture so you can start friendships virtually anywhere when you have the proper attitude. Normally, this results in further connection with these interesting and dynamic people of Moroccan life.

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