Looking for how to make your tour in Marrakech more memorable! Keep reading as we have included the 4 best things to do in this amazing city. After visiting different attractions and taking a tour of Ourika Valley and a 3 days Marrakech desert tour, you should consider doing the activities we have included in this post.

Each time we visit a tourist destination during our holiday, we must look for the best leisure activities to fill our holiday schedule. It is everyone’s wish to make every travel more memorable. One of the best approaches to making your Moroccan tour more memorable is to figure out the best tourist hotspots you can visit. Just like many other main destinations in Morocco, Marrakech also offers plenty of places to visit and enjoyable leisure activities. In order to make your Marrakech visit more enjoyable and memorable, make sure that you visit all the must-see attractions in the city.

Considering that the city of Marrakesh is filled with an array of astounding tourist hotspots, a single-day visit is far from sufficient. You have to come to this place with at least 3 days allocated in your schedule. If you like to taste a more unique traveling experience, make sure that choose to stay in a traditional Riad rather than staying in a hotel. If you plan to spend more than three days in Marrakesh, be sure to visit the following tourist hotspots.

Visiting The Djemma el Fna

This would be a large central square located in the medina of Marrakech which is also known as the heart of the city. After the sun goes down, this area turns out to be an entertainment center with a medieval ambiance. There would be no more snack stalls as they will be replaced with stalls that offer substantial fare. The large square will be the melting pot of plenty of snake charmers, jugglers, and storytellers. These attractions easily draw more crowds at night. The Djemma el Fna turns out to be a great place for you to enjoy a more memorable dinner with your loved one. More importantly, you can enjoy a more affordable dinner since the Moroccan late will only cost you $10.

Taking a Cooking Course in Your Riads

Choosing a riad over a hotel offers a more unique Moroccan tour experience. If you are already in love with the traditional cuisine in Morocco, then it would be more challenging if you learn how to make some of them on your own. A number of riads in Marrakesh offer you the chance to learn cooking lessons. You can either choose between fine formal cooking classes or some informal cooking classes. La Maison Arabe, Ateliers d’aileurs, and Cooking Workshops at Riad Kniza are among the most recommended cooking class providers in Marrakesh.

The Majorelle Gardens

If you come to Marrakesh to find some peace of mind, it is highly advised that you visit the Majorelle Gardens. Here, every visitor shall be indulged with rare plants that come with a beautiful and colorful appearance. From the medina of Marrakech, you can head to the northwest area to locate the botanical gardens. It takes about 30 minutes of walk to get there. If you like to enjoy a more peaceful experience and avoid the busloads of tourists, make sure that you visit the botanical gardens at 10 o’clock. A French painter named Jacques Majorelle is known as the designer of the botanical gardens.

Shopping Experience

Every travel should include a shopping activity. When you visit the medina of Marrakesh, make sure that you visit the souks in this old town area. You can find plenty of unique Moroccan souvenirs. If you like to enjoy better deals, make sure that you stay in a friendly mode while making the transactions. If you end your bargaining with the carpet sellers with no transactions, it is highly recommended that you leave them a small tip for rolling the carpets out for you.

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