Do you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of busy city or simply want a day off from overwhelming daily responsibilities? If so, take Marrakech trip to Essaouira.

Travelling has been one of the stress reliever nowadays. People who tend to make travels are the ones who have been busy all their lives and want to make a detour from the world that has been making them busy all year round. Travelling is a good way to relax yourself from all the anxiety that you have been facing all the time. Well, travelling is not just about packing your bags and getting on a plane without thinking your destination. Travelling is all about planning which place you will be visiting and learning the culture that will welcome you. Several places shout beauty and elegance to visitors that can be a great destination for travelling.

One of the best places that tourists can visit is the Essaouira in Morocco. It has a hidden beauty that everyone will surely love. People will love this place, which will only give relaxation and coziness. If you are looking for ways to make a Marrakech trip to Essaouira, there are day tours that you can avail to reach the place while the sun is still up or can ride public transportations. If you want to try the public transportations of Morocco, you can! You can ride a Bus CTM going to Essaouira and will take two hours and thirty minutes for you to get there. You can also ride Bus Moroccan Railways, which will take for three hours. If you want to reach it faster, you can ride the grand taxi, which will take for only two hours. If you have rented a car and are up for a drive, you can reach your destination for two hours and nineteen minutes. There are several ways to reach Essaouira and it depends on your choice if you want to try the public transportation of Morocco.

Just like every destination, Essaouira has different adventures that you can experience and will definitely enjoy. There are sceneries that you will surely appreciate and thank yourself for choosing this place as your destination. The people are kind and approachable which you can talk to anything under the sun. The place welcomes its visitors as wide as its ocean that will impressed you. Essaouira will immerse you to its beauty that you can never see from other places. The destination may not be included in every person’s bucket list, but when you visit it, you will be in awe and jaw dropped. Get ready for Marrakech trip to Essaouira. You will never imagine that a place like this exist in the surface of the earth. Taking a side trip to Essaouira from Marrakech will never be a regretful decision. The place offers different kind of adventure that you will surely be worth it of your money.

Marrakech trip to Essaouira- Activities to Include in Your To-do list

Here are some of the things that you can do at Essaouira:

You can visit the Ramparts, which has serve as a defensive wall, which guards a castle or settlement. Even as time passed by this wall stood against the test of time. The ramparts are still standing still from Asilah up to Essaouira. The ramparts that are standing strong at Essaouira tell wondrous history of the city and make the city look grandeur. There are also canons on the ramparts, which can be an additional for picture takings. This will give you a beautiful view of the ocean. For only $2, you can enjoy the ramparts.

If you want to experience the nightlife at Essaouira, you can visit the II Mare, a café, restaurant and bar. The place gives great live music that will surely be enjoyed your ears. The ramparts can be seen from here that will give you another reason to visit this pace. The food and drinks are fantastic that everyone will live to try.

Essaouira is famous for its beach and you can enjoy some water sports here. You can enjoy surfing as long as you want. There are surfing schools that you can apply to and surfing shops where you can buy surfing stuffs.

If you do not like to spend your time at water sports, you can enjoy a horseback riding at Essaouira coastline. The long stretch of the coastline fit perfectly for you to enjoy the horseback riding and the scenic view of the ocean.

If you want to know more about the city, you can visit the Sidi Mohamad Ben Abdellah Museu. It was named after its founder. It will tell you the history of the city. You can see historical facts that you will surely be fascinated. From jewelries to potteries, you will feel that you are on the old age when you visit the museum.

If feel like shopping, you can visit the traditional market at Essaouira. You can buy here foods, clothes, potteries and other things. It offers a wide variety that every visitor will surely love to buy.

If you love festivals, Essaouira is the place to be. It held a number of festivals that will bring the customers into partying mode. There are festivals that everyone can celebrate and the most attended festival in Essaouira is the Gnawa and World Music Festival. These festivals will make your body dance to the wonderful music and you will definitely sing along to the songs that have great melodies.

Marrakech trip to Essaouira – It can be the Best Travel Ever!

There are so many things that visitors can enjoy when making a trip to Essaouira. After having a grand tour at the beautiful city of Marrakech, going to Essaouira is such a good decision. Several things awaits the visitors. The place offers wonderful sceneries that will surely be additional memories to your trips at Marrakech. The trip from Marrakech to Essaouira may be long but once you have reached the place, all the exhaustion from the travel will fade away. The hours of travel is not even equivalent to the fun and exciting memories that you will experience in this magnificent place. Spending your time and money at Essaouira will never be a waste because the place gives you various things to enjoy. This will be the travel destination you will never forget.

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