From lush vineyards, sand dunes, and hot deserts as well as mix in sandy beaches, Morocco certainly has it all. This region in Northern Africa is a multi-colored mesh and sensory overload of design and culture. Travelers will be amazed through the timeless magnificence and beauty of this land, which might be resplendent in its heritage, culture, and art.

Be astonished by the breathtaking Morocco tourist attractions from Morocco’s palaces and mosques. Leave your map behind you as you to explore the labyrinth of Marrakesh where streets are overflowing with some of few distractions from those snake-charmers to silver leather poufs. Further, dive into the plethora of stores in the market of Marrakech where one can come across anything from carpets to olives.

Here is the list of the Morocco tourist attractions any traveler should not miss visiting in this country:


Located on the North Atlantic coast of Morocco, Asilah is sought after for its vacationers who gather to its sandy beaches throughout the hot summer seasons. The city walls are enclosed in colorful murals while the houses are painted in plain white, inducing the white-washed towns of the Greek Islands.


Another Morocco tourist attraction is Tangier. This is the entryway to Africa to most travelers. While this place does not have quite the attraction it did in the 1940s and 50s, theirs is still many things to see here. Highlights include the Ville Nouvelle, Kasbah Museum, and the medina.


Fes was the capital of Morocco for over 400 years and is still a vital cultural and religious center at present. The old walled part of this city, referred as Fes El Bali was established in the ninth century. It’s filled with architecture and best explored by foot.


Located at the bottom of Atlas Mountains, this majestic city of Marrakesh is atmospheric, noisy and full of history. There are lots of things to do and see here in Marrakesh. For the most authentic experience is to consider staying in medina walls in one of the traditional Riads of the city.


Located in the Rif Mountains, this Morocco tourist attraction is a small town in a huge landscape. It is famous with independent foreign travelers and with those who wants to see the famous white and blue painted homes. Highlights in Chefchaouen include wild swimming and hiking in the surrounding countryside and taking advantage of drink in the middle of the architecture of Outa el Hammam square.

If you are planning to see the many Morocco tourist attractions, make sure to choose official guides than those faux guides, which gather their commissions from particular hotels or articles sold to you from certain stalls. Spring time from mid-March to May is when it looks lush while autumn from September to November is the time when the climate has already cooled. Just be careful on the time of the Ramadan as well, as town establishments close within the day and the function hours are reduced.