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What to Do and See in Alnif

For sure, you are the kind of traveler who bounds the excitement as soon as you land in Alnif. There is a reason why you’ve come to a place like Alnif, Morocco, where you will find many things to see and do.

If you are looking for a desert road in the southeast part of Morocco, Alnif is the perfect place for you. Located between Rissani and Tazzarine on the N12 highway lies the small town of Alnif. While this oasis is situated on the southeast part of the Anti Atlas Mountains, one would want to keep driving through for one thing – fossils.

When such rocks were deposited, a narrow ocean covered the entire region. Trilobites scuttled on the seafloor and big schools of squid-like nautiloids known as Orthoceras with a shell shaped like a cone swam above. When these beings died, their shells were stored in the slimy mud of the Maidir basin nestled between Alnif and Erfoud, anticipating resurrection as the coffee tables, ornamental sinks, and polished curious that now roadside shops of Alnif.

Mineral and Fossil Specimen

At present, there are over 50,000 Moroccan gaining their livelihood in the mineral and fossil specimen mining as well as export business in this area. It’s quite difficult and labor extensive work where many men work for the old mining spoil heaps and fossil-rich seams with hoes, picks, and chisels. The price depends on the condition, rarity, and quality of the work in the preparation. This could depend from tens of dirhams to tens of hundreds of thousands of dirhams for a museum-quality specimen.

Ihmadi Trilobites Centre

If you are one of those people who are new to the world of old and prehistoric aquatics, the Ihmadi Trilobiter Centre is a perfect place to teach yourself before going trekking across the Hamada and to buy genuine fossils when you’re short on the time to find your own. Here, you can find fossils that include child-friendly souvenirs such as dinosaur teeth, which are readily accessible at roadside stands and other vendors. However, you must be aware of some fake items.

The hints of antiquity in the Alnif basin aren’t limited to just animals. Other areas in the close Draa Valley offer rock paintings and rock engravings from all major periods of the human prehistory of the sought-after Sahara Desert. You will find some evidence, that human activity in the area dates back around 300,000 years. Zagora, Tinzouline, and Asguine Tarna, Tazzarine are all worth a stop.

Therefore, if you are planning for an informative yet wonderful and memorable travel vacation this year, why not give it a try and visit Alnif in Morocco. This place is not just full of adventure, but it will also fill your mind with meaningful memories.

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