Benefits of Moroccan shared tours and excursions 

First of all, the kind of trip that you want is it depends on you, your preferences, and your budget. Some may prefer going in a group tours, first because it is much more cost-effective, great for anyone on a budget, good for those wanting to travel with their hotel buddies, others may prefer to be in their groups of people from their own countries due to language barriers etc, but sometimes tourists prefer to go on excursions with familiar faces and for others, it could be possible that they like a livelier environment, if so then going in a group might just be the thing for you.

What are the pros and cons?

Group tours are normally very generic that go through a certain set pattern of the highlighted touristic attractions. You will normally tend to see the most highlighted and the known places and everything will be in an allocated timescale. There will be no room for surprises or any unwanted adventures. Group trips tend to be structured in a way that will allow holidaymakers to get the most out of their day in a very strategic timely manner- If I honest sometimes even rushed.

Group tours tend to work well with those that expect and want to follow an itinerary strictly- But be aware you will need to be flexible for the latecomers that are not as punctual as you.

Travelling in a shared group tour does require you to be more considerate, as you will have to take into considerations other peoples needs and requirements.

The driver will normally have a set time to pick up and a set time to leave, you will come as a group and leave as a group. In some instances when other participants are late it normally it means others in the group will have to wait for everyone to return. Once everyone is hearing the group is ready to head back.

Moroccan Private tours 

What are you likely to experience when going on a private tour? First and foremost, private tours and exertions are always going to be a little more expensive than shared tours. Secondly, private experiences are only catered for you and those that you are travelling with you.

You have the benefit of having the whole vehicle all to yourself and also your group has the flexibility of where are how you choose to make the stops and plan your day.

Due to not being restricted by a group tour rules and the generic travel plans, the driver can show the non-touristy hot spots and some real hidden gems.

Furthermore, since you are not clashing with anyone’s timings you are flexible and can take your time and soak up the scenic taking breaks as and where you please.

My Personal Experience in a shared Moroccan tour 

So, I have had the privilege of travelling with my family with both on private tours and group tours.

Let me share my experiences with both types of tours.

So, my experience in a group excursion to the Marrakech Palmieri was not a very pleasant one.

First of all, we are a family of six and we tend to be very punctual if not always on time and early. One of the disadvantages of travelling in group excursions is there are always delays that are out of your control.

Next, you have to put up with other people’s habits.

We are non-smokers and unfortunately, the group we were travelling with seemed to be heavy chain smokers and were smoking in the vehicle one after the other.

When we opened the windows there was a lady who was suffering from an asthma attack due to the dust, so these things might be something to consider.

Also, some travellers tended to be very loud and others were more laid back but it’s important to ensure that everyone is comfortable and to make the tour as pleasant as possible. Some travellers are not considerate at all, and others are.

Some young children and adults are prone to getting car sick, although this cannot be helped sometimes it can be very unpleasant for those who are very squeamish and sensitive.

One thing I did notice, however, was that when we were en-route on our shared guide tours the toilet breaks are situated at a certain time, and that is no way a good thing for young children.

I did experience some young children wetting themselves as well as others vomiting- Again although it cannot be helped and all my sympathy goes to these children, as a parent myself I do understand, but unfortunately not all the passengers or travellers will be as sympathetic. In that instance I will say then either travel with only families with children that are child-friendly or private tours will be your saviour and best given your current situation.

My experience in going on a Moroccan private tour

A little more expensive, but I will for sure do it again! There was no waiting for anyone no delays, no putting up with smoker’s cough, or the loud throbbing music, we just loaded into our 4×4 and off we set off to our private adventure!

Had our tour been with a group it would have taken longer to set off we were really on time and trust me we are very punctual people so it would have been very frustrating.

The best part of being driven around in a four by four, whether it be with either only your own family or friends is the sheer comfort! Next, it’s the crazy flexibility you get, being a photo fanatic, I tend to request ridiculous amounts of stops in weird quirky places in the outskirts in the most uncommon places. Having a good driver always makes that possible! I was able to keep the windows open and I didn’t have to worry about another person’s dust allergies- keeping in mind that the friends or family you go with do not have dust allergies either!

Other times you may want to stretch your legs a little more than usual given that you have had a long walk, again simple things like that are a real blessing as you do not need to worry about offending anyone. The most important thing about having a private driver is that there is mutual trust, good communication and openness. Once you have all this in place, you will go and see great places that your eyes have ever experienced.

One thing to keep in mind is sometimes if you may find that your driver is dominating the whole trip, or dictating the journey, or not giving you the freedom of exploring and seeing the places you want to.

In that case, you then want to either talk to the company that you hired your driver from or change your driver ASAP.

You can try and speak to the driver, but if like myself you do not like any confrontations it is best to go through the company you hired him from.

We were very lucky both times, our driver was simply amazing, everything we wanted to explore we got to see. Even much more than expected, our driver always went over and beyond our exceeding our expectations! We were so thrilled to be even shown things we didn’t ask for or even know that existed. I will never think twice about recommending a private tour trip.

Although the name is a private tour, it is not a tour but an informal super fun adventurous excursion!

As for the driver, we did not feel like strangers we felt like old friends reuniting again after a long time.

The ‘tour’ was not a tour of facts and figures. But just a very entertaining way of seeing the real raw culture and a really fun informal way of learning, seeing and experiencing!

What kind of tour is better a private or shared tour? 

What do I recommend?

I would personally encourage anyone to go on private outings instead of shared, given that they have the budget for it. It is crucial to go with someone who is an experienced escort and has knowledge of the local customs and local people.

Having a private guide is almost like having a trusted councillor that will guide you along your travels.

Lastly, I want to conclude by saying, I prefer private tours hands down at any time!!

I would easily one hundred per cent recommend a Moroccan private tour guide always! Once you have had an experience with private chaperons and tour guides you will rarely want to go in a shared trip, only unless if you are strapped to a very tight budget and you have to look after the pennies.

I look forward to my private guided tour again and something that I will always continuously do in my future travels!



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