Nkob is a village in the south of Morocco, between Ouarzazate and Tazzarine. The village has 45 kasbahs of which nowadays a couple of these kasbahs have been renovated and became hotels. Nkob is known as the capital of Ait Atta tribe and was once on the edge of the caravan route. Nkob itself is a small oasis belonging to the province of Zagora. 30 km away from Nkob Tazzarine is situated, another commune on N12 direction Alnif, a paradise for fossil hunters.

What to do in Nkob area

Near Nkob you can go for a walk in the oasis full of green palm trees or make a short trekking in the Saghro mountains. You can visit the rock carvings of Ait Ouazik, located about 40 km away from Nkob. In the surrounding a few camel trekkings are organized by various travel agencies. This is not very well known by tourists. You can admire the very interesting daily life of the Berbers in one of the Souks on your way to the desert. Hereafter you find the days where souks take place:

  • Monday souk in Alnif and Tinghir
  • Wednesday souk in Tazzarine
  • Thursday souk in Agdz
  • Sunday souk in N’kob, Zagora and Erfoud

Where to Stay in Nkob area

If you are looking for a typical Kasbha in the surrounding, about 20 km from Nkob is located in a very quiet villlageTamsahelte, a Kasbha called “Kasbha Riad du Sud“. The Kasbha is a old farmhouse which has been renovated and tody has become a charming hotel where you have a very nice view over the mountains. The Kasbha offers 27 beds. In their restaurant you can enjoy tasty couscous or tagine.

How to get to Nkob

As you may all know, Moroccan system created a cheap way to travel from one city to another : “shared Taxi”. From Marrakech there is a daily bus which depart at 10 o’clock from the CTM station. This bus stops in all CTM stations on the way. Or you can travel by taxi with departure from Bab Dakala in Marrakech to Ouarzazate than to Tansikht. From Tansikht you can take again a shared taxi to Nkob. This way is cheaper but it takes a lot of your time

Where to eat in Nkob

Nkob has good restaurants where you can enjoy typical Moroccan cuisine. One of the best in the whole town is restaurant Raj Raj or better known as Restaurants Station Ziz or Nkob restaurant. In this restaurant you can taste these very delicious Moroccan tagines, salads or kebabs in a beautiful garden