Visiting this beautiful country for the first time doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your adventure to the fullest. Morocco is located in the southern part of the Mediterranean; it has a unique combination of Arab, African, Berber, and also a slight European cultures and customs. As a visitor, you will experience the Muslim practice all over the country, but that makes the trip more enjoyable and rewarding especially if you know how to respect their customs and the religious restrictions. Before jumping on the plane; it is better to read about the Morocco tourism tips for the first-timer.

The money

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The local currency in Morocco is Dirham which surprisingly has a steady and good rate. This country is considered a friendly travel bargain. It is important to remember if you will get your Dirham from the local ATM but you will be charged a foreign transaction fee of about three percent. This is applied whether you use a credit card or cash out. Make sure you make a thorough calculation for this matter. In addition, if you want your credit cards or debit cards to work in the country or other foreign countries; you have to call your bank first before getting on the plane. It will be very troublesome if you cannot cash out just because your bank declines your transactions. Larger places and cities will receive credit cards but smaller shops and souks will still prefer cash especially if you want to bargain on something.

Local Customs

There are basically two important things to remember when in Morocco; first, do not use your left hand for a social approach such as eating, shaking hands, or receiving something. Muslim people feel that the left hand is unclean as it uses for personal hygiene. Second, women should dress modestly in public places even if it is hot. You can use something flowy and airy without revealing the female form. Depending on the places you visit, bigger cities may be less conservative than the small ones because the people get used to seeing a variety of people. Check out this post if you’re worried about what to wear in Morocco.


The Moroccans speak a fascinating language which is a mixture of Berber, Arabic, English, and French. People in a larger city will likely understand English while you may have language trouble in smaller or rural areas. You can use French and Arabic will likely be understood, but it will be better if you can speak in Arabic.

The food and drink

If you used to consume packaged foods even vegetables and fruits; you will find the more refreshing local product in Morocco. You may have smaller menu options, but it is cooked precisely like in the old days; it is fast without any processing. If you are concerned about the nasty issues in fresh stuff; you can imitate what the locals do by squeezing a good amount of lemon or lime into your food. It will reduce the chemical on your salad better than your regular fast food salad. If you are eating street food; you know that you are taking a risk because there a no regulations concerning refrigeration and stuff. Bring your stomach medication in case you get a weird tummy and eat yogurt to get probiotics.

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