Africa is not only home to exciting wildlife filled with many untamed animals. This continent is also home to a country where African, Arab, Berber and European cultures have blended in a way that makes this place an interesting site to visit. Morocco is a unique African country in the northern area which is filled with distinctive tourist attractions. The great landscapes of this country that includes, the Sahara Desert, the Atlantic Coastline and the Atlas Mountains have made Morocco a perfect spot both for lazy tourists and adventurous visitors. Thus, if you like to have a perfect holiday destination, you can simply pack your bags and head to Morocco.

The Atlas Mountains have turned out to be among the most visited and talked about tourist destinations in Morocco. You can reach this famous tourist hotspot through a number of different tours. Should you look for a more comfortable type of Atlas Mount tour, you are recommended to take on a 4 x 4 ride or sit on the back of a horse. If you happen to be an adventurous tourist who seeks for a very challenging Moroccan holiday, you can take on a trekking, rock climbing or hiking tour.

This Moroccan outing has become very popular to many tourists due to the fact that they can start the tour from a nice and comfortable accommodation at Marrakesh. This Moroccan city is home to a number of first class hotels and restaurants. You can also choose to stay in a traditional riad/house to experience a more unique stay. With only two hours of drive from Marrakesh, you can simply take on a day trip to the Atlas Mounts.

During your day trip from Marrakesh to the High Atlas, you shall have a great chance to see three unique Berber villages. The villages of Ourgane, Oukan and Imlil are also very interesting sites to visit. Not only that you can make contact with the friendly Berber villagers in person, you can also make these villages a great spot for your memorable lunch. Finding a five star restaurant in the area should be a piece of cake. You can have almost any kind of lunch you can think of at the first class restaurants. In addition to the classy lunch, make sure that you make a stop at the local tea houses to have a great taste of the refreshing mint teas. Some visitors actually leave their rides behind and take on a guided walking tour so that they can have a better look of the Moroccan countryside. This traditional Moroccan tour will help you sail back to the past time.

If you like to travel to the Atlas Mount on foot, make sure that you hire an experienced local guide to keep your from getting lost in the middle of nowhere. Traveling by mule has become a popular choice as well. Whatever type of tour that you choose, you shall be provided with the amazing historical and beautiful sites in the area.



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