Ait Massaoud is a small village in the heart of the Ait Atta area located  in the Province  of Zagora of the Souss-Massa-Drâa, about 26 kilometers northwest of Tazzarine and 8 kilometers east of N’Kob, North Africa. The language spoken in this region is Tachlhit (Tamazight) but most of them speaks French. If you are a cultural traveler, you can visit Nkob, Ait Massaoud and Tamsahelte together to make your trip more memorable and experienced. You may not find a lot of information about this village in guide books and on the internet, it’s because this village is not yet overcrowded by tourism.

When I’m traveling, I go for the people and learn from their culture and the habits, the people here in this small berber village are really friendly. To discover Ait Messaoud it is better to become in contact with someone from there to guide you around.  In the heart of the village you walk between the walls of the houses built in clay and along the small streets.  You can easily and safely walk around and some residents are glad to invite you at their home to enjoy the traditional tea. In the shadow of the houses old men are chatting about everyday life which they encounter.

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