The desert isn’t just a giant sandy ocean in a vast expanse, it certainly isn’t. But it is also green oases, stone slabs, polished, also with high mountain massifs, whose lofty peaks sparkle with color. Dunes cover only part of the total surface. See the beauty, the salt-laden camel caravans slowly drift away, far into the horizon and the line shivering in the heat. The word Sahara in Arab poetry meant a barren, pale yellow plain, which has been synonymous with emptiness and death. However, the Sahara also means dreamy and fairytale-like. The tracks that flew in the distance faded into the fine sand as the wind blew, and the sky intertwined with the earth. The desert is by no means a colossal emptiness, emptiness consists only of immersion in people’s imaginations.

Is the Sahara Desert worth visiting?: Yes, it’s definitely worth going to the Sahara Desert! The Sahara desert is quite beautiful to see once in a lifetime. It is well worth a visit. We take the Moroccan Sahara as an example in this post and will describe it, hopefully, you will see how beautiful it is, especially at sunrise and sunset or simply as the sun sets over that broad horizon

Things to do in the Sahara Desert: Here we talk about things to do in the desert and what to see there. Basically, the highlight of the desert is riding a camel, spending a night under the millions of stars, watching the sunset below the horizon, and experiencing the nomad lifestyle.

Is the Sahara Desert worth visiting?

Is the Sahara Desert worth visiting?

The Sahara knows no borders, it’s hard to say where a desert begins, but speaking of the Moroccan part, I’d say it’s really worth a visit. The locals, the former nomads, took their village very seriously and welcomed the tourists as the abundant agriculture is slowly disappearing due to the lack of rain. Tourism is today the meaning of the income of a large number of inhabitants of the desert. Erg Chebbi with its cosmic perspective and panorama of the oasis and dunes is an aesthetic spectacle in which man meditates and enjoys a moment of tranquility, away from the hectic life. Erg Chebbi and Merzouga offer many fun things, such as a romantic evening in the middle of the desert with an amazing night sky and 4×4 off-road adventures. The Moroccan Sahara receives a large influx of tourists from all over the world daily. Hospitality is very important in the Moroccan world and it is a matter of honor that no one can escape. There is actually a Berber proverb that says: ” If a Berber no longer receives guests, then he is like a dead man”. I strongly recommend that you travel there and see its beauty with your own eyes, its beauty cannot easily be described in words.

Things to do in the Sahara Desert

Since we have selected Erg Chebbi, which is the most visited desert, and also for safety reasons for every traveler, we list the best things to do while you are there. Erg Chebbi and Erg Chegaga are located in southern Morocco and not far from the town of Erfoud, as you probably already know. Here you will not be surprised whether it is warm or wide, but with its amenities. The beauty and serenity of the desert are unparalleled, and once you have a clear view of the sun sinking on the horizon and enjoy all it has to offer, you will never forget it.

The best time of the year to visit Erg Chebbi is between March and May or between September and November. It doesn’t matter when you want to visit the desert as long as you avoid summer because it is too hot. There are also plenty of cool places in Morocco for a summer holiday.

Activities to do in the Sahara desert

things to do in the sahara desert

The Gnawa are an ethnic group living in Morocco and have some of the most beautiful and well-preserved traditional music that combines poetry with ritual music. The ancestors of the Gnaoua were brought as slaves from Central and West Africa in caravans across the Sahara and they eventually remained in Morocco. The town where you can enjoy their music is known as Khamlia and is located next to the Erg Chebbi sand dunes. Tourists are welcomed by small groups of Gnaoua and their music is played in a pleasant atmosphere. You can always visit them and a reservation is not necessary. You can find them easily as there are signs along the road indicating their location.

When hearing about a camp, many people immediately think of setting up a tent and so on, this is not the case here because the camp has permanent tents and you don’t have to set up your tent yourself. You even have a bathroom and a bed in your tent. Most camps offer a camel trek to their location with an overnight stay as it is in the middle of the desert and difficult to reach by car. At the camp, you can enjoy the sunset and the sun rising from the top of the dunes, and if you want you can sleep under millions of stars. In the evening after dinner, the nomads play Berber music for their guests.

This is a common activity in Merzouga. Most of the facilities in Merzouga offer this type of activity. The camel ride is safe and you will ride the camel across the dunes with many ups and downs until you reach the midpoint of the dunes. From there you can have a great view of the area and you can watch the sunset widely. After enjoying the sunset, head back to your desert camp or hotel in a different direction. If you are in Marrakech and interested in experiencing a camel ride and an overnight stay in the desert camp, we organize a 3 days Sahara desert trip from Marrakech every day

You can rent a quad bike for three hours or more, better in the afternoon because at the end of the trip you can watch the sunset from the top of the sand dunes. After riding up and down the endless sand dunes, you will eventually reach a much higher sand dune, where you have the most amazing views of the area. This adventure is one of the interesting activities in Merzouga. Besides quads, you can also rent KTM motorcycles and Buggies.

Sandboarding is another fun way to spend a few hours on the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. While this activity may seem dangerous at first glance, it is very safe even for children. The dunes are soft, so you don’t have to worry about falling and hitting rocks. The best time to go sandboarding there is just before sunset. Watch the sun slowly disappear behind the horizon from the top of the dunes.

If you like racing and off-roading, I can tell you that in Merzouga there is no activity that can beat off-roading. You drive up and down the sand dunes in a 4-wheeled vehicle and on the former Paris-Dakar rally track. There are many companies that organize such day activities or you can rent a 4×4 vehicle.

Another activity that you can do during your off-road trip is to visit the nomadic Berber family and learn about their traditions and discover what nomadic life is like. They are happy to welcome you with a glass of mint tea. There are also tour companies that organize off-roading with a stop by the nomads for lunch prepared in nomadic style.

If you dream of riding a camel, playing music by a campfire in the middle of the desert, and sleeping under millions of stars, this huge stretch of sand dunes will make your fantasies come true. There are many more activities you can do in the Sahara. I hope now you have an idea why the desert is worth a visit.

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