When we are traveling we want to experience some relaxation and the beaches here in Morocco would be a perfect destination for a holiday vacation. Beaches in Morocco are all activities in the water which are ideal for enjoying a relaxing holiday break. From these Moroccan Beaches, your relaxation will be a full blast.

Finding a beach in Morocco will not be a hard quest since this place is in between the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. The beauty of their beaches is unspoiled and its scenery is dramatically wonderful.

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You can tour the most popular Atlantic resorts in this place. Allow us to tour you.


This is one of the most beautiful resorts at the seaside here in Morocco. With the view of the Modern Maghreb, visiting the place will surely be a memorable one.

This is an important place for commercial ports and fishing. Agadir is not the same as the traditional cities in the country. This town is dynamic, busy, and modern with its European-style cafes, wide roads, and hotels that are modern.

This place is famous for its agriculture and seafood. The popularity of this town continues to grow and there are nearby beaches to visit. One of them is the Taghazout. This beach is popular to those who love surfing. There are numerous cafes around Agadir as well where their offerings include a magnificent view of the beaches that will make you feel relax. Watching the sunset from here is also a wonderful experience.


This tourist resort and city in the western part of Morocco is known as Mogador previously. This often referred to as the ‘Wind City of Afrika’. This is the reason why the beaches here became ideal for hosting competitions on windsurfing. Many players of this sport are spotted in this place practicing it.

There are plenty of activities offered here in Essaouria. Shopping is the best of them. There are also many places to explore.  Market and fishing fleet are also in the place.  Restaurants and cafes are everywhere in the beachside resort where the view of the sea is spectacular.


This is a fishing village in the south part of Agadir which is located between Sidi Ifni and Tiznit. The white sand beaches of the place are of pure quality making the place earn its reputation. This is the little secret of the best surfers. The waves in it are regular, impressive, and very wild. The people there are hospitable plus the weather is always nice. These factors make it the ideal spot for beach vacation spots.

Moulay Bouslam  

Mouslam Bouslam is a charming and simple choice if you want to sunbathe in places that are of a lower key, yet you can mingle with the locals.

The beach in this town is quite different from other beaches. It is because of the cliffs surrounding it as well as the sand dunes. The waves here are also of the great impact that is sometimes dangerous. Merdja Zerga is another attraction in this town. It is a lagoon that is used in herding goats, sheep, and cattle. Bird Watching is also a great activity in the town.

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