Morocco has so many interesting destinations for tourists from many parts of the world. This country has a number of main cities that have turned out to be exciting places to visit. Most of them come up with two different parts; the old town area known as the medina and the new or modern part called the Ville Neuville. These different parts of the main cities have become the main attractions that attract many tourists every year. In Fes, its medina is now considered a World Heritage site by UNESCO. While the Ville Neuville in Fes was built under French influences and it looks totally different compared to the Fez’ medina.

Before you visit this Moroccan imperial city, it would be best if you figure out the best time for your Fez tour. If you like to avoid the tourist traps when visiting this city, it is highly recommended that you prepare your schedule in April to June or September to November. Not only that you will have plenty of space for yourself and your family, but the weather in those recommended months also is not too hot. In addition to that, you will stand a chance to witness the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music. Here is the list of places you need to visit during your Fes tour.

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The Kairaouine Mosque

This sacred structure is located deep in the heart of Fes’ medina. Founded in 859 by Fatima Al-Fihri, the mosque was designed to receive about 20,000 worshipers at a time. However, there is no way for you to step your feet inside the Kairaouine Mosque unless you believe in Allah and Islam. Only Muslim people are allowed to enter the mosque for praying purposes. Thanks to the recent renovations of this large mosque, the non-muslim tourists can now have a sneak peek at the beautiful tile work of the mosque. If you keep banging your head on a wooden beam while strolling the alley, that means you are getting closer to the mosque site. Next to the mosque is the Karaouine University which can be visited. Karaouine University is considered by UNESCO to be the oldest university in the world.

Rooftop with Overview of City, Fez, Morocco

Rooftop with Overview of City, Fez, Morocco

Fez el-Bali

The medina of Fes is better known as the Fez el-Bali and it is surrounded by high walls. It seems that the old side of the city has become a magical place with an atmosphere of the Middle Ages. This place also offers a more vibrant atmosphere because this place is also known as the capital of Moroccan culture and spirits.

This historic city may be vast for you to travel on your own. In order to keep you on the right track during your tour of Fez, it is recommended to hire an experienced local guide that you can easily find in your hotel or riad. For a full-day Fez tour, your local guide will only cost you about 250 dirhams. With your local guide, you can decide which places to visit in Fez. This old side of the city is so vast that you can easily get lost inside. Thanks to the friendly shopkeepers, you will be able to get back to your starting point once you get lost more easily.

Top 20 Things to Do in Fez


The city of Fez would be a good place to quench your shopping thirst while traveling. When you get to the souq or leather bazaar in the area, make sure that you hunt for plenty of leather souvenirs. It might be one of the oldest bazaars in Morocco. With a number of changes in this Moroccan city, Fez has turned into an even more amazing place to visit.

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Simply put, Fez has a large number of interesting sites for many tourists from every corner of the planet. Thus, make sure that you spend more than a single day in Fez.

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