The country of beautiful Morocco is just one of the few countries that hold great dreamy allure for travelers. Sapphire oceans constantly caress the white-sand beaches while the desert fortresses astoundingly raise on the Sahara sands. Atlas Mountains never fail to awe any sightseer with its purple peaks glittering with snow. Morocco has indeed more to offer. Behind each city wall lays an interesting adventure in cuisine, architecture, and art. Its stunning combination of African, Arab, and European influences mixed with the fascinating history never fails to inspire countless travelers from around the globe. There are indeed more reasons to choose Morocco as your next travel destination spot. Hopefully, this brief Morocco Travel Guide assists you with your Morocco travel and adventure.

Morocco Travel Guide – When to Visit Morocco?

This will vary depending on where you intend to go. Morocco has varied geography, thus we cannot exactly determine when the best time is to visit this country. Considering the weather, we can say that it will be best to travel during spring season or between April-May. If you are planning to visit Sahara region or any plain cities, then better avoid travelling during midsummer. However, there are certain places that can be best visited during summer season including Rabat and Essaouira. If you intend to visit Morocco during winter season, then best avoid going into mountainous areas. Hotels there rarely have heating systems. During summer, expect a clear and warm desert days. However, temperatures usually plummet at night.

It is also worth to consider the Islamic Holidays, especially Ramadan. The Muslim community observes strict fasting and visiting the country during this season can be a bit uncomfortable for Non-Muslims. You are also likely to experience transportation problems during such Holidays. Nevertheless, the long and sure fun night parties will certainly make up for those quiet days.

Morocco Travel Guide – Passport and Visa Requirements

Morocco requires travelers a valid passport that covers the duration of your stay (make sure it is stamped). While in terms of Visa, Australian, British, Canadian, USA, and any other European visitors are not necessarily required to obtain visa within 90 days of stay. However, if you are planning to stay for more than ninety days, then you should get a resident permit.

Morocco Travel Guide – How to Get To Morocco?

  • By Air – The national carrier of the country is Royal Air Maroc. The busiest airports include Casablanca, Agadir, Marrakech, and Fes. If you are travelling from London to Marrakech, expect a three-hour and forty minutes travel. If you are going to Casablanca from the same location, you will have to spend three hours and fifteen minutes. New York to Marrakech will take you eleven hours and thirty minutes.
  • By Rail – Rails that connect Algeria and Morocco are suspended but you can still catch trains from St. Pancras, London to Algeciras. Subsequently, catch ferry from Algeciras to reach Morocco.
  • By Boat – The main ports include Tangier and Ceuta Spanish-held ports

Now, your next Morocco Travel Guide homework is to know the activities you should never miss and the attractions you should visit. To give you some hint, Essaouira, Tetouan, Fez, and Marrakech are some of the best places to go. Those are among UNESCO world’s heritage. Enjoy your trip.


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