The Atlas Mountains have gained popularity because of their hiking locations which are quite extraordinary. As compared to the Alps, the Atlas Mountains allow you to walk through a truly fascinating wild place.  Those people who are hardcore when it comes to hiking will usually head to Mount Toubkal on the High Atlas. But, you can also have an incredible walk on the Anti-Atlas, year-round.

The Atlas Mountain is considered to be the home of the Berber people, and they serve as mountain mentors and guide for those who come to this place for their adventure. So, you might as well do some reading and research about the culture of these people, even before you decide to go up. The people, however, call themselves the Amazigh which means, free people. Be ready as that feeling of freedom is quite infectious.

Atlas Mountain can be the perfect place to be to have that dreamy sleep you always seek out. It can be through some wild camping in the mountain plateau or just under the sparkling stars. Or you might as well try collapsing on the very elegant Kasbah which usually comes with its very own hammams, in order to have the day finished. Kasbahs will definitely give you a very sound sleep.

Every place in the Atlas Mountains is picturesque and would make you want to take pictures just from every angle. You can have as your subject the beautiful and amazing landscapes and even the Berber people themselves. But, the basic respect of asking them for permission and thanking them for whatever response they give, should never be forgotten.

The best time to hike through the Atlas Mountains is in the months of March to November. However, during the months of December to February, you may still be able to have fun and enjoy the mountain life with sunny days yet cold nights. If you are the one who handles hiking under the scorching heat of the sun, July to August is ideal. This time of the year is hot but not the desert scale madness just like the rest of the Moroccan country. Todra Gorge earned popularity for a year-round hike and you can begin early morning as it illuminates its entirety. If you intend to summit Toubkal, autumn and spring are the perfect timing, to avoid strenuous exposure to extreme temperatures.

Those who will be hiking the High Atlas must be ready for the possibility of altitude sickness especially if they be able to hit on the nausea territory which is about 2,800m. altitude sickness is possible on just anyone and it is best that the advice of the operator about slowly acclimatizing, must be strictly followed. Drinking water in the Atlas Mountains is very rare, so one must not waste any of it. It must be purified before drinking.

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